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Custom IEM or Closed On Ear

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Hi everyone,


As of late my home rig, a LD MKIII with Sennheiser HD650's has been getting little use as I find myself doing work at the office and the library. I've been putting a lot of use into my IE7's. They are great but I've had them for the last 3 years and I think it's now time for an upgrade. I've also been listening to them for extended periods of time and have found them to get uncomfortable after a while.


So I'm looking to venture into the Custom IEM space. That being said, I'm also open to Closed On-ear. Right now I think custom IEM's make more sense seeing as they are so portable compared to closed on ear.


My budget is  ~$500. So anything I can find within that range that would sound great is awesome.


Listening varies from classical to anything from Rock to EDM. Basically I'm looking at a balanced IEM that'll suit most genres well.


Any suggestions?



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@ $500 1964-Q or Heir Audio 4.A

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1964 V3's might be a good bet, or Heir Audio 4.A/4.Ai. Possibly the 3.A/3.Ai as well.

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