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Xonar essence one

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Just bought an E1 and i dunno ... it doesn't pair up well with my headphones. When i read reviews it said that it will sound bassy and laid back. But in fact it sounds very bright. Very harsh on the mid - high freq . What am i doing wrong ?

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Try turning it on only after you've booted your PC. Or cycle the inputs once. Wiggle the volume control... That usually helped with mine.

Or just get rid of it (sorry, I'm currently pissed at the XEO).


When it works properly, it provides rather fast sound, which can seem very harsh at first. Sometimes though mine just won't work properly and that ~3dB channel imbalance really killed any further fun.


Are you using the most current drivers? DO NOT UPDATE THE FIRMWARE (It tends to brick it).

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My driver is

F/W version is 1.25

Audio chip F/W is 0109


I installed the driver from asus website and didn't bother with firmware (I think it's the latest anyway). I don't have channel imbalance tho. Think I'm gonna swap some op amps.

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Some say they tend to warm up after awhile.  YMMV.

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I change the first 4 op amps with OPA-2132 and no change at first. But like you guys said it starting to get warm sounding. I don't know if it really starting to sound different (I don't believe in electronic parts burn-in) or is it just my ears getting used to the new sound. Anyway, I think I'm starting to like the sucker :) .


Wanted to ask something to see if it's normal or is it just mine. It's about the headphone amp volume. It goes up really fast in volume till 50% then from 50 to 75% I gain a little bit of volume and from 75% till 100% no volume gain. I can rock the volume from 75 to 100% back and forth and hear no difference. Is this normal ?

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I think the E1 is rather warm works well with my HD700 with the stock opamps, using the LM49000 opamp it's a different story. With regards to volumes that's pretty normal going from 50 to 75 %. I have never listened past 75% though.
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