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For Trade:
Have RSA balanced plug. Will trade for 68k Ohm resistors.

Will Ship To: United States

I just received my order from Mouser for a batch of Auto-IRIS connectors (a.k.a the headphone connections for Ray Samuels and ALO portable balanced amplifiers). And realized I forgot to get some resistors for my LOD projects...


So. If you...

  • Have a bunch of spare 68k Ohm resistors suitable for building iPod LODs
  • Are interested in getting an auto-IRIS connector
  • Live in the U.S. (because international shipping will be ridiculous compared to the value of these things)
  • Have some recent positive sale/trade feedback in your Head-Fi user profile

...let's talk.


Each Auto-IRIS plug arrives in two pieces -- an upper shell, and the body as part of the lower shell. See the bad photos in this post to get an idea of what they look like. The metal pins are solid posts through the body with solder buckets for your wire; I can do a continuity test if you want assurance you won't get a dud, but duds seem improbable.


Mouser's price for the plug starts at $3.74 apiece -- I paid $2.88 apiece plus shipping. Offer what you think is fair. Since I'll be using resistors singly to build LODs, I don't need matched sets; you might find this a handy way to get rid of your unmatchable pieces, and I'll be happy to take 'em. If you can only spare a couple resistors, I'm amenable to hearing what you could add.


If you want more than one plug, you should order from Mouser - the plugs are finally in-stock there.


Act quickly and I'll be able to mail the plug in a padded envelope on Saturday. (Edit:) I can ship mid-week. The package will ship USPS.


I don't have many plugs to spare and I don't need tons of resistors, so this ad will close once I've secured enough resistors to get by with.

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