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Did Monster cables' warranty go to crap ?!?!?!?!?!?!

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not a good day for me today,   i just found out my earphones are no where to be found .  



here is the story,  in earlier July, i found out that the right side housing on my turbine gold is coming apart,  i was like, damn not again. because i knew how long the phone call is gonna take.  so i called and got the RMA and return label.  off the phone , then i found out they actually got my address wrong, after a slowly repeated 4 times.  one of the word was supposed to be plural ,  i had to call them one more time, another 30 mins wait.  you know what the person told me ? she told me its not a big deal, it will get to you . she was so rude and had a fuuuuccked up attitude .   of course its not a big deal, its not your problem, not your expensive earphones. 


then i waited and waited.  i never gotten a confirmation email saying it was processed like i normally wouldve got.  the tracking showed it was received on july 25th, i made 3 calls to there warranty department from Aug 10th till now.  the people on the phone were either very rude or pretend they care. the second last person promised he would look into it, i thought i was finally in good hands, turn out he was just another doouuuch.  then its the person on the phone today, he doesnt seem excited, but he actually did his job. he looked into it, put me on hold for 15mins,  found out the earphones were sent to their beats department instead of turbine department, now all i needed to do was to wait for the beats department to send the headphones to me then get another RMA , send it to correct department this time.     now the problem is ,  they dont even know if they have my earphones still  !!!  are they gonna send it back ? or how long much longer is it gonna take. 


its already been 21 days.  they did not bother sending it back to me or to their turbine department.    the last person told me their is nothing he could do, i cant contact no one else but the waranty reps ?  so im pretty much done here, if they dont send it back to me or their turbine department, its never gonna show up ever again.  



ive had the warranty 3 times prior to this, the experience from before wasnt very much pleasant , but at least i still got the warranty unit back. 


im hoping the headmonster sees this,   just see how fucccked up his warranty department is ,  every single one of the rep on the phone was careless, has attitude ,and shows no interests at all on helping when there is a problem. 


anyways , if there is someone who works for monster can see this here is the RMA number PWR10328   

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Sorry to here that.


I think we can write this up as a mistake, a once in a blue moon thing as I had decent experience with them as well.


I hope it works out for you.

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it is a mistake indeed,  i understand,  everyone makes mistake.   the problem is no one cares at the warranty department,  they dont wanna fix the mistake.  

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I know that it sucks, but you have to remember to remain calm and courteous when dealing with people when it comes to warranties and service. Lest you'll be in for a long bumpy ride.

They deal with pissed off people all day, and don't want to help you if you get snippy with them. A "please" here and "thank you" there go a long way.

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man, you have no idea how polite i was each single time i was on the phone with them,  im not even that nice to my grandparents 


these guys are straight up assses, especially the girls,  guys are much nicer when they are talking to you, but they make all those promises, i believe the moment i hang up , they were like forget it and fuxk this guy

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to be honest , they are not dealing with pissed off people,  at least i wasnt pissed off till today when i found out the truth about their so called " warranty service "


no one gives a **** , they are just like robots .   im pretty sure they are the ones who are pissed off just like people at DMVs.  i dont get why, every single worker at DMV is so pissed off all the time.  monster warranty department is the exact same.     no one walks into DMV pissed off, im never pissed off before i call monster, at most was just the sadness of knowing the long wait time

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Breathe dude.


Shoot them an email detailing your situation and wait for them to get back to you. No sense in getting worked up over all of this.

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not gonna work, already emailed them 4 days ago. sent 3 emails to different monster contacts.  

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I've had a very positive experience with Monster before. Sorry to hear this. My old Turbine Pro Golds broke on me, I didn't have my receipt or anything and they shipped me a new pair just like that. 

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