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Westone UM2 questions.

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So I am new owner of a pair of UM2 RC with the removable cable. I just got them yesterday and have done some experimenting with tips, i found the the stock foam tips that came on them had the best seal and overall bass quantity, but the mids and highs were lacking, i switched to the triple flange (modified to a bi-flange) and this brought the highs and mids to life still have a  good seal cause i can't hear much with the music off, but it seems like the bass took a back seat too the highs and mids now, what is the best way to get the most balanced sound out of the UM2 as far as a tip selection goes.

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If the bass took a back seat then your seal is not the best.  I understand what you are hearing and hear the same thing when I try any silcone tips.  I find the best sound to be with comply tips and add a treble boost via EQ.

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I am positive I have a good seal I had e5cs years ago and used the same tips and got a good seal and this feels the same. But maybe not I'll have to mess with it a bit.
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After another listen the bass is better than I thought. The seal is good. It's been a while since I've had iems. The bass is still there it's just alot tighter and not as bloated giving it the illusion of less bass.

I have to say these are a well balanced iem I am very impressed with my first pair of Westones.
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I've found the large grey silicon tips to be best with the Westones I've tried (w3 / um3x).  The foam tips always seemed to take something away from the sound, maybe a little less clarity. 

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It's 6 of one half dozen of the other.

I have tried all the tips(the sizes that fit me rather) that came with my UM2 RC and by far prefer the comply.

The treble on UM2 is just rolled off. That's their sound signature and one thing I love about them. It gives them a lush, warm sound and I find the mids to be dead on. I could literally listen to them all day without fatigue.

I was entertaining the idea of selling them when my customs come it, but if the new customs don't live up to my expectations the UM2s wont be going anywhere.

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Agree with RingingEars.


I was using a Ipod Classic with treble boost and found UM2 to be amazing.  The UM3X is more refined and does better instrument separation but the UM2 was better at vocals and overall musical experience.   

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I have gotten the perfect sound now with the tri-flanges modded to bi-flanges and trimming the stem. The mids are amazing treble is still rolled off but not as bad but not fatiguing and the bass is still there and I think tighter and more accurate than with the complys. But that is just my opinion.

By the way thugs mansion (acoustic) by 2pac sounds amazing. The guitar in the beginning and his voice are just absolutely phenomenal. These are just a joy to listen to its been too long since I've had my E5cs but I think these have a bit more detail and are overall better balanced.
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