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Lol no need to apologize, I was just confused as to why you guys were trying to get it out of creative. I guess more confirmation from others is needed too.

Lol and to be honest I don't think you ever will... Unless you get one of the actual software engineers talking.

Can more people test this out and post their results.
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Originally Posted by Bloodflowerz View Post


The link is down, they must be getting too many requests for this particular page, more than their bandwidth can handle lol

support.creative.com is down. not just that link. /facepalm.

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Guys. I just tested it again for you but with a youtube-video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpIddQyhpSo&hd=1


headphone stereo=speaker stereo. With SBX off it's the same. 


SBX headphone (windows 5.1) is NOT like SBX speaker stereo

SBX headphhne (windows 2.0 to have the same channel as the speakers) is also NOT like SBX speaker stereo.


In both SBX cases it's about the total loss of an attempt to create a phantom center when you listen to SBX speakers on your headphones. Everything's on the extreme left and right. That's how SBX speaker is actually supposed to work. 

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Thats digital out feg?
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Lol awesome. Thanks for the testing and helping everyone out.
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I'm a bit confused. So it was proven that SBX through speakers does not sound like SBX through headphones?

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Yes, both from the analog outs and digital out too.

Go back a few pages you'll see my findings on the analog out differences and why its like that.

Its what I've said for a while now, you can't have the same hrtf for headphones and speakers. Technologically its not possible.
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I was confused because I thought that something designed for headphones wouldn't work out the same for speakers.

I don't mean to sound rude. Apologies if a reader sees my comment as such.
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Lol I don't think you came off rude. Just actually confused.

But ya, you have the general idea down right. And like feg tested and confirmed, when you use digital out the behaviour is:

1)If you select headphone mode, you get sbx headphone surround through digital


2) if you select speaker mode, you get speaker sbx surround through digital

Feg, correct me if I'm wrong in my interpretation of your results.
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yes, just like the older cards. 

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*EDIT* Thanks all Feg and DJ (it was both questions I was wanting official confirmation from Creative about: headphone mode via optical, and speakers mode via optical - both with working SBZ surround) :ksc75smile:


Creative's 'support' site team can go and stuff themselves. Again, I only wanted official confirmation from Creative so please forgive.


Eyeing up the Yulong D100 MKII < Optical < OEM SBZ. Head-Fi inflation.

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Hey Sal,

You get any emi noise when using headphones/line out on your OEM z?

Just curious how prone these analog components are to noise without a shield.
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Don't have one yet DJ!


The OEM Z - It'll be hit or miss I imagine, especially if your system is overclocked (like mine's is). By how much, or if any I cannot speculate. Mind you my old X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Fatal1ty Pro (no EMI either) sat in my ridiculously overclocked rig 4-5 years ago and no problems. From what I've heard though (as you'll very likely know).. a clean PSU and good MB helps. SSD too.


Sorry I can't help - only looking for ideas for my next setup - and there's a ****tone of them here.

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Oh OK fair enough... Some guys over at overclock.net had reports of this especially when their CPU or motherboard vrms would scale up and down in frequency.

So I was just wondering.
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