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Under $80, durable earbuds

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I bought some AM-90s, thinking they're what I was looking for.  I think they're the worst earbuds, sound-wise I've had.  It makes me miss my Jbuds and Creatives.  When I turn up the volume all the way, they sound really sharp and irritating.  I'm looking for headphones that have both a good amount of treble and bass - enough for oomph, but where one doesn't overpower the other by too much.  I don't know all the technical terms - I just want them to sound good.  For instance, the am-90s have some bass, but I would've liked to hear it more emphasized, as it is almost non-existant.  And I think perhaps it is the high treble that is what is making it so sharp when the volume is turned up all the way, not sure.


I want them to last a fairly long time, especially if I pay a high price for them.  Like at least 2 years - I'm tired of buying earbuds (the Jbuds and creatives) that don't last for more than a year.  And I need them to be comfortable, of course, this is very important.  The am-90s fit nice in my ear, that's one thing they got going for them. Noise isolation would also be nice, but not priority.  Definitely want earbuds that go cord down instead of having them wrapped around the ears.


I listen to mainly punk and electronic music, if that helps.

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Have you tried burning in the AM-90s?

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The Sony EX510, JVC FXD80, FXT90, RE0 and HF3 are great sounding IEMs and they will last long due to solid built quality.

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From what I am reading you like to listen loud and to music that often will have serious spikes in the midrange and treble but find this areas to be jarring at loud volumes with your new headphone. So I think you want a headphone that is slightly rolled off ifs the treble area and mids that are clear but not aggressive.

You will not like my favorites in this case. So some choices to look at are:

Dunu Hawkeye which are very solidly built and have a nice sound but not to energetic.

Rockit R50 may work as well for a BA based IEM but is $120.

HF3 and RE0 may work but also are potentially to bright. FXT90 has a pretty sharp sometimes painful treble so I suggest the FXD60 or 70 instead from JVC.
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Burning in means repeated usage, right?  I thought they'd burn in, too.  I really don't want to wait 8 months for them to burn in... I've been using them for a few months now, already.  They still really haven't changed.

Anyways, thank you everyone who has replied so far, when I get home later, I will look up reviews of the ones you have posted.  It's much appreciated.  I got paid recently so I want to get my earbuds asap.

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I couldn't find any reviews for the FXDs.  I'm going to purchase the Dunu Hawkeye - thanks for all of your help, I really appreciate it. :)

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SHURE SE215's! get them from earphonesolutions with the %15 off they will be about $85 (not under 80 but just do it haha) they have a 2 year warrenty if they do ever break.

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I would honestly try Meelectronics CW31. They are dirt cheap, solidly built, and have a definite roll on the higher end of the spectrum. The sound you described is very similar to what they sound like. Also, vocals on them are smooth as butter.

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