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Beyerdynamic New XP series, the Unexpected

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Quoted from Jaben Network, seem Beyerdynamic had released their latest "XP Series" earphones in the market which had 3 models XP1, XP2, XP3.
According to Jaben Network, these models present different sound and able to accommodate all kinds of music in the market.
And surprisingly the price is crazily cheap and affordable? comparing with their older models.
Anyone tried them before? i had ordered a XP3 from them, hopefully can get an impression as soon as possible.


Hi Guys,

Beyerdynamic had launched the latest XP earphone series which consist of XP1, XP2, XP3.
How are they actually? 
Pretty amazing on the sound on the first impression, the 3 models focus on:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

XP1 the beast Bass focus earphone which suitable for bass head and love punchy tight bass.
XP2 Bass reduced compare with the XP1, good balance between treble and low frequency with great handle.
XP3 the most neutral and detail out of 3, suitable for all kind of musics.

Technical Specification:
Models : Xp1, Xp2, Xp3
Frequency range : 20 – 22000Hz
Impedance : 16 Ohm
Sensitivity : 98dB
Cable length : 1.4m
Connector : 3.5mm jack plug

-Versatile Sound option, pick the best sounding out of three
-Superb sound quality guaranteed support by countless years of experience in the industry.
-Perfect angle fit, suitable for outdoor and sport usage, creates a weightless and solid feeling
- Passive Noise isolation feature cancelled out 97% outer sound and ambience 
-Smallest Flat tangle-free cable for ultra convenient portability

Beyerdynamic XP series loaded with all the top end features in the market. It has small tangle-free cable available for convenient and light usage. L-shape 3.5mm jack provides a more sturdy connection between the 3.5mm jack and headphone output from phone, it prevents cable twisting due to connection angle. 
Angle shape design for more firm fit and comfortable in overall usage. It induced better isolation for outer ambience sound and deeper insertion for better sound effect. 

How about the price of the 3 models?
They are cheap & cheerful, reasonable and 3 of them are same price.
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Review Section

SwimSonny Unboxing Impression

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I have all 3 en route wink.gif
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Originally Posted by Swimsonny View Post

I have all 3 en route wink.gif

Haha great! waiting for your impressions and reviews.
Lets see how well the XP3 can perform in the category of same or higher price range.

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wooh wooh !! finally beyerdynamic come out a new earphone.

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Yewww... flat cables... good call by Beyerdynamic to use the side-mounted big driver, though. It seems to be the most cost-effective way to get decent sound out of a small earphone. Reminds me of the Superlux HD381 series... same three variants to tuning too.

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it is a nice approach from Beyerdynamic, just got the XP3 from Jaben, it really packs the sound that everyone like.
Will give a review as soon as possible, still in burning process. 

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just got my short review up for reading,
and so sorry for my bad english, rushing to get it up and running.

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How the sound compare with A-JAYS??

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I have all 3 as you know. Made an unboxing video, they seem well made, comfy and a neat lil package for the price. Sound wise they are all quite different but burning them in now. Here is video:


I still do not know wht these are not any were else on the web but Jaben, can not find on beyerdynamics website for example!

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Nice unboxing. They do make a nice solid clang when they knock together. I like the look of the 1 over the all black of the 2 and 3. Hopefully they sound good for the price cause they do lack something in pack-ins:)


The flat cable is a bit wide looking and 1.4 meters a bit long for my tastes but they do seem solidly built.

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Nice unboxing. Love the look . Lost my w4 and not looking to spend too much on universal IEMs .this is perfect , pricewise
Now which one do I get?
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Thanks guys. I like the silver better but they all come in black or silver.

They won't stand near the W4 but will stick some sound impressions up in the next few days! Burn in now!
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No doubt , will just use it outside the house and no big deal if I lose it
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tried the XP3, pretty awesome and great for the pricing, personally i will value them in USD 100 - 150 price range, not too sure on the 1 and 2 thou, waiting for sonny review =).

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