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Tyll Hertsens, the guy who runs Innerfidelity.com, was on reddit today and had this brief comment about the X1's:


"Yes, and I thought they were pretty good. They'll get a review sometime soon. Kinda reminded me of Senn HD 650s."

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By the way, I have also said good by to my k501, as X1 are also so much more fun to listen to.
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The months go by and still not a hint of a US release, total failure on Philip's part IMO. I don't think the Funai acquisition's even final for a few more months, so what the heck is going on?
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Originally Posted by Impulse View Post

The months go by and still not a hint of a US release, total failure on Philip's part IMO.


Failure ain't the word. I mean, these were "introduced" like 6 months ago.

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No kidding, tho Tyll's comment proved just intriguing enough for these to hold my interest for maybe another month... But seriously, wtf. Has anyone tried emailing them? I PM'd the Philips rep that chimed in earlier to suggest the MSRP would be $399 (when Engadget wrote it'd be lower) but got no answer, was a new account with a single post I think tho.
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I called Philips, they won't know the release date until we do. She wasn't even aware it was a product.
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I give up on these.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

I give up on these.


I think I've lost my interest as well. Looking forward to that cib24's review though.

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Really a shame. Bad timing and all. I was stoked for these since I heard of them. But without a US release in sight, and me currently about to receive my 3rd pair of D7000s, I dont see any way I'll ever have a chance to try these.
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Not sure if this means anything, but the X1 has finally shown up on the US Philips site.

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Would you be so kind to tell a little more about the signature X1 have compared to Anniversaries please. Reading your post, make me think that X1 are dark sounding bass monster.




Originally Posted by cib24 View Post

The AKG's have finally arrived!



Quick notes:


  1. Fidelio X1 ear pads are still the best around. They are deeper so your ears don't touch anything when they are on. Plus, I think they are more comfortable after a few hours of listening with the AKGs. However, the AKG ear pads are definitely the second best I've used and aren't uncomfortable by any stretch. The X1 ear pads are just...on another level.
  2. AKG fits a lot looser on my head than the X1 making me think it will fit huge heads with out a problem.
  3. AKGs are much lighter than the X1 which are lighter than the DT 880. The AKGs don't feel substantial at all in comparison to the X1s. It probably has to do with the metal materials used in the design of the X1 compared to the plastic of the AKG. They both look like premium headphones though so no docking points on the visual appeal side of things.
  4. Sound positioning and imaging is pretty similar. More of a 3D effect with the AKGs than the X1s. Sound stage is quite different. The AKGs sounds a bit more airy and separation is great, but the sound feels closer to you. The X1's have a bit less air while still maintaining pretty good separation, although not as obvious as the AKGs, yet the sound stage is larger. The X1s make sounds seem a bit further away from you. Vocals on the AKGs are definitely more out in front of you, so it is more like you are sitting a few rows back at a concert, whereas the X1 feels like you are literally standing in front of the band.
  5. The highs are definitely brighter on the AKGs but not as bright as the DT 880s. The mids are much more pleasing on the AKGs and as a result most music sounds more detailed and balanced. The X1 mids are not as veiled as an HD 650 but I can say after listening to the AKGs and X1s back to back, it appears that the AKG brings out more detail in the music.
  6. The X1 destroys the AKG in the bass department. The AKG bass is nice and tight with a bit of punch but they don't even hit as hard as the DT 880s. Yet, despite not hitting as hard as the DT 880s I think the bass is much more refined (DT 880 bass is loose and sloppy), and as a result I prefer listening to hip hop and other bass heavy music with the AKG compared to the DT 880. But, the X1 still wins in the bass department. Play something by Hans Zimmer such as the Pirates of the Caribbean or Gladiator sound tracks, and the superior 3D positioning and instrument separation of the AKGs makes for a more complete sound. But play the same tracks with the X1 and the song, while not sounding as precise or detailed, is much more fun and cinematic due to the excellent bass.
  7. The X1s leak WAY more noise than the AKGs. The AKGs almost seem like they might be semi-open as they have similar sound leakage to my DT 880s.


It's still very early and I need to do a lot more listening to different things. I've only sampled 20 songs or so and nothing else. I still have no idea how they compare to the X1's in gaming, movies, etc. However, I will say that I am impressed so far by the detail of the AKG and the balanced sound signature. I will post a full-blown review with a detailed comparison of the X1, AKG Annies and DT 880s in combination with the ASUS Xonar Essence ST, Creative X-Fi Titanium HD and Schiit Magni in a few days. I will test music, games, movies, and youtube videos.

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Originally Posted by CBF- View Post

Not sure if this means anything, but the X1 has finally shown up on the US Philips site.


Is it just my phone's browser or are both the "Buy Direct" and "Find Retailer" options malfunctioning? Shocker...
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Nope. The buttons don't work for my browser either. But it's a good sign the X1 are coming soon. ish. 

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This has suddenly caught my interest. They definitely look very nice from the pics. 

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Two more pictures for you! :)




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