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Originally Posted by kenshinesca View Post

Wish these cans went a little bit louder when not amped, anyone notice they're a bit quiet compared to other cans?
These are very easy to drive to good volume in my opinion. No issues whatsoever out of my MacBook air and iPod touch 5th Gen. My guess is you either listen to music way too loudly or you're not used to the soundstage. It's very good on this can and can be the source of things sounding distant.
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Is the dt 990 880 and the 770 or the HE400 a upgrade over the x1
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Originally Posted by smy1 View Post

Is the dt 990 880 and the 770 or the HE400 a upgrade over the x1


That REALLY depends. If you like the bass the x1 delivers, then probably not. The closest would be the DT770 (I haven't heard the 880), but I found the x1's a lot more engaging and IMO the HE400 was more thin than I expected. Beyers are pretty bright generally and the X1 is realllllly warm. 

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Having the X1 and the HE-400, the two are quite different and indeed depends on what you like.

The X1 is a warmer sounding headphone, the HE-400 bass is more neutral but extending quite deeper which results in a less warm but deeper and textured bass. I personally like the bass on the HE-400 better.

Comfort is better on the X1. (though not that bad on the HE-400 as some make it to be).

Don't have any Beyers so can't comment on those.

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To the all the people who say the X1's don't need amping, I say CODSWALLOP!


After not listening to my X1's for a number of months in favour of my m-100's, the other day I decided to give them one more listen to redeem themselves. Ew. No. Still didn't like them.

It's difficult for me to put my finger on, but there was something about the sound that made me always turn it down to a low level. I'd then get bored, turn them up, and again my ears would make my turn them down for some reason. They did seem quite grainy, too. Soundtracks were especially lacking a little something.

I was all set to flog them off, when I just happened to spot a 2nd hand objective2 for £45 for eBay. Don't mind if I do!


It arrived today, and even using a macbook as the source, I'm stunned at how incredible my X1's new sound. To say it's given them a new lease of life is the understatement of the year.


Just buy a half decent amp. Now.



P.S. I ordered a Schiit Modi 2 Uber whilst I was at it. I can't wait for that to arrive!  :dt880smile: 


P.P.S I already have a cheap OTL tube amp, which doesn't sound so great with the X1, and I briefly had an E17, which didn't exactly leave me awe struck, either.

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@Torashin , what tubes did You use with tube amp? Imho, X1 need tubes with very neutral signature with huge soundstage, great clarity/details and littlebit "recessed" bass to sound perfect.

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@CoiL It 's using the 6N3P & 6N13C tubes. Recently it's been going a bit dodgy, cutting out in one ear and crackling when I change volume. Don't know what's going on there.
I'll have to try both amps in series "hybrid amp" style to combine the colouration of the tubes and the low impedance of the O2 :rolleyes:
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