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Originally Posted by sabaw View Post

I finally got my modi magni2 stack for my x1s!

Now im just wondering, what gain setting is optimal for these headphones? 

I find that high gain gives you a more in your face sound?


Do whatever sounds good to you. Just don't damage your hearing in doing so.

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X1 maximum input power is ~500mW. I use my Aune T1 @ mid-gain which gives out ~400mW. I tried on low gain and high gain also and I find it sounding best @ mid gain.

High gain shouldn`t affect sound signature, only make it more "harsh". X1 has large soundstage and more like "out of Your face" sound imo, hard to imagine it sounding "in Your face", maybe it`s from the DAC/amp which isn`t up to X1 soundstage capabilities?

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its a magni2 modi optical combo.

I guess i just mean thats its louder and it seems closer to you. 

I wasnt sure if high or low gain had effect in clarity

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 In my experience, (and I have only owned low impedance phones) including the X1, using the high gain setting on amps has always caused a more "in your face" kind of sound which for me sounds less natural and takes away from the soundstage.  I would stick with low gain unless that "in your face" sound is more to your liking. Not me though, and definitely not with the X1.

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