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I have the FiiO E10K paired with the X1.  It definitely sounds better than the on-board sound when you switch on the gain and bass boost.  Without gain or bass boost, it sounds very similar to the onboard of my Asus Z97-AR.


My only complaint about the E10K with the X1 is that some songs that use an overabundance of auto-tune can sound "off"  not bad, just, "off".


I can be listening to one song with heavy auto tune elements, and I'm like what is this?  Then I switch to a song that doesn't use auto tune, or at least not as much as most pop songs, and the experience is nirvana.  When I use onboard sound, these auto-tune heavy songs are not "off" but those songs that sound like nirvana, aren't quite what they used to be.  The FiiO E10K is a decent match for the X1, but I do think it would be in your best interest to get something a little bit better, or something that potentially pairs better with the X1.  I am very happy with my E10K and X1 combo, but I am confident that for around $120-$150, you could find something that provides better synergy.

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Originally Posted by sabaw View Post

Hi thanks for the reply! I was thinking though what about the positional audio and audio effects? Im gonna be using these mostly for gaming and i think positional audio is pretty crucial right? 

Hi thanks for the reply! Oh i already got the earphones. Now im just tyring to get a good soundcard or whatnot to go with it.

I don't consider those to be selling points for sound cards. At most, a sound card has multiple connections for if you're setting up a multi-speaker config, but a headphone is still just one cable. Sound cards are the same thing as the external DAC/amps, just smaller in form factor and different business strategies so some things have priority over others (like heat/size/power problems to compromise on). Audio signals are gonna be audio signals; the digital data is sent to your soundcard the same way it's sent to an external setup, it's up to whatever combo decodes and amplifies that signal which determines the presentation. If position cues and stuff are part of that data, it will be reproduced and sent to your headphones (at which point it's up to the driver tuning to give you what you're looking for). If it isn't in the data, then a soundcard won't do anything different than an external setup regardless of what the guys in the marketing department say. So yeah, for gaming position audio is very important, especially in shooters, but if it's meant to be there, then it won't matter if you're using a soundcard or an external DAC/amp. The headphones, on the other hand, definitely matter.

I wish I had more experience so I'd be able to give you recommendations, but my experience extends to the Firestone Audio FUBAR IV Plus (an all-in-one DAC/amp) and my recent Topping TP30/D20 combo. As far as I can tell, the amp circuits on the FUBAR and TP30 are good enough, but the Topping D20 is definitely the superior DAC. Audio sound much cleaner and better controlled. I have no problems suggesting the Topping stack as a starting point if you can find them for cheap; I got lucky cuz I got them both for a total of like $90. which is cheaper than either of those retail alone.

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Well i was reading through the tp30 dac amp combo and it seems withing budget.


Question is would it be better than a sound blaster z?



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