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That would certainly be appreciated!

I've been busy at work as of late, so I completely forgot to write my impressions. Before I start, I'm the kind of guy who can't hear a difference in cables and can barely hear difference between FLAC and MP3 for the majority of music (even though my collection is all FLAC). Well, here I go:

The little guy is convenient. The line-out at the back is good for hooking up a stereo system. The E10k can be connected to Android via. USB OTG, and it's very portable. The amp has plenty of power, but not too much (I keep it at about 3 on the volume dial). The bass boost is fun, but with this headphone, it can be overpowering.
It sounds good, but don't expect great ASIO on it. Even ASIO4ALL struggles with buffer sizes. I can't hear much of a difference anyway, so I don't mind much.

About the sound, I can't hear much difference compared to the Creative X-FI XtremeMusic, but it does tighten everything up a bit. I tried the Aune X1 MK2, and it had similar effect (but that is double the price and extremely powerful).

I do recommend this product for the X1, since it seems to pair well (and it has a nice and low output impedance).
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Foscot, I haven`t heard X2 personally but one user in that thread said that E10K isn`t good match for X2. It should be good enough but according to his comments Aune T1 is noticeably better than E10K. X2 and X1 aren`t very different and just wanted to note it out...

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My head measurements are 45 cm under-ear-to-under-ear. Is the Fidelio X1 long enough for my head?


Thanks a lot

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I recently got the Ihifi 770 DAP, and I am very pleased with the synergy with most of my headphones. One notable pairing is with the X1 - no additional amp required, and the sound is amazing. The bass is tightened up and controlled very nicely, micro details abound, imaging and separation is wonderful, lovely timbre and musicality. I'm really loving it. 


The 770 has a lot of redeeming qualities (ie battery life, size, looks, different sounding HO's), but the UI might not be for everyone (all touch screen except for a pause/power button). Having said that, SQ is pretty sweet, and rocks with the X1!

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Since it got to recommending DAP`s, then my recommendation would be DX50 with Sound Unlocked 1.3.3 Firmware.

Sounds almost good as my Aune T1 with upgraded ELNA SilmicII capacitors and Siemens E88CC grey shield goldpin tube ;)

It uses same DAC decoding chip as mentioned DAP above - WM8740.

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