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To buy a new cable, could anyone suggest a cheaper one with good ohm ratings. 


How about the Choseal cable, link below:



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If You know how to solder, then best bet would be making one yourself by your needs and liking (length, jacks, color). 


Cable components from eBay (Click to show)
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Thanks for providing these links but unfortunately I don't have soldering skills.

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Originally Posted by shyamelge View Post

Thanks for providing these links but unfortunately I don't have soldering skills.


Just get a good $30 soldering gun and some thin basic 60/40 solder. You should pick it up pretty quick, it's not hard.


Heat solder, put hot solder on metal wires, metal wires stick together... that's about it. Unless you want to start repairing circuits boards there's very little extra you need to know really.


I like soldering quite a bit and find it pretty relaxing. And of course it's hugely useful for fixing basic stuff.

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Originally Posted by TwoEars View Post


I like soldering quite a bit and find it pretty relaxing. And of course it's hugely useful for fixing basic stuff.

Same here :)


Btw, I got bored and added stock cable measurement pictures also to "Fidelio X1 stock & upgrade cable measurements by ownerspost:




I PM`d to thread starter also to add this to thread beginning post.

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I made an upgrade cable using UPOCC wire and the impedance of my cable is .4Ohms. That's a ton less and it sounds better than the stock cable. I get a .4 measurement on the ground-ground, 31Ohms on left, 32Ohms on right. The right channel fluctuates between 31 and 32Ohms,


I do get more bass control though. Everything else is about the same for the headphone. 


EDIT: Fixed a typo.

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Added Your results to the post ;)

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so i think i prefer these to my d2000

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What are the main differences and why You like X1 more? Would be interesting to know ;)

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Got some optical cables last night, so for the first time tried optical output from my MBP instead of USB as I always have previously. Not sure how much that contributed to it, but the experience was INCREDIBLE. for anyone interested, my chain was:


MBP optical > Bifrost > Vali > Fidelio X1, w/ Audirvana as my audio player. I listened to one of my fav bands, Gypsy & The Cat, and I was blown away. I almost couldn't go to sleep cause I kept wanting to go back and listen more. Tonight will try the same chain but w/ different headphones and see how it compares, but it was phenomenal on the X1. Really happy to have them in my collection.

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Yes, Gypsy & The Cat - Parallel Universe is literally like listening to parallel universe! ;P Also, I think my X1`s are now starting to properly burn-in because sound has "opened up". Of course it is affected also by my brain and ears getting used to it but still, even with rock/metal/jazz I feel that JAN Sylvania 6922 isn`t anymore certainly best tube for these genres. Now I`m really enjoying my Siemens E88CC`s again and also Amperex OG 6DJ8 GAC & Ultron SQ PCC189 are now sounding better than before. Anyone has experience with x1 burn-in?


Btw, I`m not so familiar with MBP software but did You setup Your Audirvana properly? I mean like WASAPI, ASIO and KSP under widows for example.

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I'm pulling the trigger on these, and I have a question.


I'd like to get the V-MODA BoomMic Pro to go along with these since the stock cable needs changing and I need a mic. However, I hear the cable jack on the headphones is fragile. Since I'm going to be kicking back on the couch with these for use with PS3 & Xbox in addition to PC, is it bad to use a speaker extension cable to plug the V-moda cable into for extra length? I mean does this have (noticeable) negative impact on the sound quality?


I will also be using a separate soundcard for my audio than my microphone, so I need to have some distance between the headphone jack and the mic jack (one is external soundcard sitting on desk that has no mic input, and other is internal soundcard with microphone). Again, can I use a standard speaker extension to link the mic to my PC?


Thanks! Very excited about these. Slept on them for a month and finally decided to just get them.

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You can use extension but sound might get "damaged" if it`s creating too much impedance. If You have multimeter - measure it and compare with and without extension. If Your ears can`t make difference then its ok.

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Originally Posted by CoiL View Post

If Your ears can`t make difference then its ok.


Well said, well said. I just discovered the V-moda uses the Y splitter to separate microphone and headphone, so that's even better... Now I don't have to have the mic cable hanging around when I plug it into my receiver for console playing. This is becoming dream-like.

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Can anyone with the X1's confirm if they fit the Slappa Large HardBody PRO Headphone case?



Is it a good option for a carry case for the X1's? I am searching for an option to transport them on my backpack from home to the office and vice-versa... :)




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