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When you go from one sound signature to another, it can be hard to adjust to what you're use to. I went from the dt770/80 to X1. When adding in the C&C BH2, my impressions were of a treble that sparkles and bass that punches with great balance.
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2 pages of his complaining and he still didn't mention his driving hardware... :rolleyes:

What is your DAC ?

I was listening to my X1 connected to my onboard soundcard and thought it sounded good...until my Schiit Modi & Magni arrived... just then I realized how many details I was missing. Forget cheap DACs. These are great headphones, and if not accompanied by great hardware they can't shine.

Also, you keep comparing them to 990s - what for? Do you want them to sound as good, or better? Do you realize they're different headphones, it's normal that they sound different?

You don't like the sound? Can you return them and ask for a refund, keep 990s?

I don't quite understand what's your intention here.

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That's the point I was trying to make. You did it better.

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Originally Posted by utmelidze View Post

according to that review:


earpads are velours...dude, did u ever try beyers with velour?

philips are some cheap coating


and soundstage comparing to DT 880?


cooomee ooooon...dude....


you cant be serious god damned...i am really wrong here if you mean it seriously




No reason to respond that way. Yes I have used many, many beyers. I own a T1, DT1350, Custom One Pro, and  DT990 Pro right now. I know what velour feel like, and while not a true velour, it's similar. The soundstage is big, bigger than a DT880's, but close enough to do a comparison. Yes it is similar in size but the X1 is still bigger, perhaps closer to DT990 size.


All my headphones are driven from powerful amps (SPL Auditor, Violectric V200, Audio-GD Roc), so they all have more than enough power on hand for my headphones. The V200 is mostly overkill for everything I own, but I wanted to future proof myself.

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I was expecting better volume response from my portable devices; I'm really wishing for more sauce from both my ASUS t100 and my ipod touch 4s... I want more volume. Alas.The thing with these cans is that the prominent bass CAN make the mids sound recessed, and particularly at less-than-high volumes, the mids do get pushed back compromising the vividness and proximity of the music. These are meant to be listened to loudly.

I might consider selling these for the L2s if those compromise a bit of the bass for a more definitive mid presence, and I can get more punch from them too.

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Mine are very loud from a xonar dx to e6 amp to headphone I have the e6 about halfway volume and windows volume bar down low.

They NEED amping no idea where the idea that they don't need amping has come from they definitely do as they are real low volume from my sansa clip and sound night and day better when the fiio e6 + xonar is used.


Was the first thing I noticed that I needed to up the volume on my e6 compared to my ns1000 which are 300ohm.

I swear the 30ohm rating on these is somehow not correct a stab in the dark it would appear to me they are like 400ohm or something ? not sure how it all works just because a can is low ohm can it be still requiring good power due to sensitivity etc ?


bass levels are also depending on clamp force the tighter it's clamping the more bass etc

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I find my Zune and Galaxy S3 have more than enough juice for these, but an amp does help tame the bass. The mids are nice and full, gotta love it!

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I definitely need more juice for these. Would a cmoy do the trick? I really am trying to be on a budget; then again something cheap for future purchases might come in handy.

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thinking of getting an amp and dac for this, schiit vali/modi or something from the fiio line. would be using it for 70% movies and 30% music
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The best amp for the money lately and all the rage seems to be the eph-02 amp I think it's called "JDS Labs Objective2 Headphone Amplifier" in the usa.

It's the one I plan on getting others to consider are the fiio e09k, Aune t1 Aune X1 and of course the schiit.

I wouldn't get a DAC if you are running movies on a computer better off with a soundcard with dolby headphone etc for movies dolby headphone is amazing with movies on these.


I think there are ways to run dolby headphone using a fiio e17 not sure on that one.

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I purchased a used Astro Mixamp Pro 2013 to work with my XBOX 360 and X1s for late night gaming. Would it make sense to purchase a separate amplifier like the Schiit Magni or FiiO E09K for listening to music and watching TV and movies with the X1s. Is the MixAmp Pro versatile enough to be used for more than gaming? Would also use the Magni or E09K to connect to my laptop as well.

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so i've read that the stock cable should be replaced, but what if i was using the modi/magni ? i ask because i need the 6.3mm adapter and i'm having trouble finding a 3.5mm to 6.3mm cable anywhere to replace the stock cable.


anyone using the stock cable with a dac/amp ?

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Originally Posted by Ullus View Post

Does anyone else have a problem where the headphones/pillows leave some color on the desk?

Update, took some pictures on the desk and my bathrobe.





Really weird problem.

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Wouldn't worry probably just something to do with proper memory foam chemical not drying out yet i know it stinks at first sometimes.


Do the sock mod it's easy will soak up any chemical that seeps out also try airing them ? leave by an open window or airing cupboard ?


Have no such issues with my set they didn't even have that memory foam smell when they arrived.

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Do u guys have any suggestion about its Impedance?
Do you relaly think it is 30 Ohm as according to Philips?

I ask that, beause my DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm need less power to drive comparing them...

For example:

my Xperia Z utra could get DT 990 Pros lot louder
Philips X1 ist very quiet with my phone

and My Creative soundcard with "integrated amp 600 ohm" gets 250 ohm Beyer also lot louder then philips

whats wrong there?
I get my Fiio E12 next days and would try with it
i suppose X1 will sound lot ...loot better with E12

But how the hell to understand that...

I think Beyer Gives worst case Impedance as Data and Philips gives just its best case
Impedance should be depended on Signal frequency and according to mesuring moment freq , you could get different values

AFAIK...and awaiting for comments from guys who know more...

p.s. according to comparison and lil calculations philips should be somewhere 300-350 Ohm Impedance
I also tested its Cable
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