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Originally Posted by moriez View Post

I've asked in the TH-600 thread about how the earpad depth compares to the X1 earpad depth. Unfortunately no one could answer that so I shoot here. It's kind of a deal to me as the tip of my ears could touch the X1 drivers and I'd like to prevent Fostex dissapointment.


Anyone with first hand experience?




It seems the TH600 is slightly shallower.

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Hey thanks for that. I think that's exactly what I've read before. Just wanted to hear from someone else. I'll send ethan a PM.

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I recently laid my hands on a second hand 990 600 ohm. Sounded like 60' s psychodelica, "grocer jack grocer jack is it true what mommy said "
Went to germany and got the X1 because the polite german kept asking what I wanted.
Now I am listening to the X1 and I am home at last. And I am dutch.
Great , great great headphone . Need I say more?
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FYI they're going for £150 on amazon atm.

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I was looking at these and the HE-400. I do listen to a fair bit of rock but also jazz, electronic, hip-hop, and metal (almost anything but country). I've got a Udac-2. I'm currently looking at both for $300 (HE-400 from a friend). I was told the HEs wouldn't be as good because the treble might hiss during some parts parts in rock.

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HE400 definitely has more treble than the X1s.  The X1 is a warmer can overall.

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New owner of the X1. Amazing cans to say the least.

I have the HE-400, and have heard various other headphones regularly (DT880, HE-6). By far this is the most balanced headphone out there, and most natural sounding of all of them.

Best thing is the need of amping, or the lack thereof. Just a good source + regular amp combo like the Fiio E17 can make it shine.

It's also way lighter than the HE-400 and can stay on my head for at least a good 1-2 hours without me having a sore head and neck.

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Thanks for your input. What genre of music did you try them with? What would your criticism be (did the HE-400 do anything better?)
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The 400 needs EQ. Once you tame the treble and bump the sub bass, it's an EDM monster.
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Originally Posted by Alchemist007 View Post

Thanks for your input. What genre of music did you try them with? What would your criticism be (did the HE-400 do anything better?)


I listen to a wide variety of music - vocal ballads, classical pieces, orchestral pieces, EDM, jazz, pop, hip-hop, rock, guitar/piano instrumentals. I also use them for games, movies.

In my opinion, the HE-400 is technically weaker in most aspects compared to the X1.


Let's try to break it down -


The airy sound has no real imaging quality - listening to the HE-400 is like standing in a huge hall with a lot of instruments laid out all around you, which isn't the case especially when you listen to orchestral pieces. I've been to a few live orchestras (obviously not nearly enough :P) and based on my opinion of what natural and realistic imaging is like, it's a lot more to do with depth and the cohesiveness of the whole soundstage. The X1 lays them out like a real orchestra, all in front of you, with a wide and deep image, meaning you're able to pick out which instruments are behind and which are in front, which sections are laid out where. More than that, when it calls for back to front imaging, the X1 does it well as well - try listening to binaural recordings - the X1 does all directions unerringly well.


In terms of mids there is no contest, the HE-400 although does a decent portrayal of vocal sounds, its not natural in reproducing upper register voices and sounds. The X1 gives me way better vocals - I feel like singing together with them and I get goosebumps on certain vocal ballads.


In terms of treble, the X1 is more "laid back", but is more accurate than the HE-400 which is way too hot. Take a look at the goldenears graphs and you'll know what I mean http://en.goldenears.net/17992

The mid to upper registers are almost perfectly laid out to "ideal" FR (tested and used by nearly every audio engineer in the world).


In terms of bass, well this is more polarising. One has planar magnetic bass. Deep, textural, precise. One has dynamic bass, slightly warmer, looser, and "natural". However the clincher comes here - the X1 has more accurate bass imaging. Listen to any pop or jazz songs, and if you have both the HE-400 and X1, do a comparison and try and notice where the drum sounds come from. The HE-400 has the drum sounds coming from all over the place - its hard to pinpoint where the snares, bass and hats are. With the X1 you can precisely note that oh, the bass and snares are from behind the guitarist or vocalist, and the layout is roughly so so and so.


Perhaps with certain music genres the HE-400 shines, such as EDM, where "naturalness" and precise imaging doesn't matter as much. But for a all-in-one headphone, it's really really hard to beat the X1 at its game.


Anyway, just my opinion with some analysis. Like all things audio - sprinkle with salt as necessary.


Originally Posted by ethan7000 View Post

The 400 needs EQ. Once you tame the treble and bump the sub bass, it's an EDM monster.

Yeah seems like a lot of people said that. Unfortunately I don't "only" listen to EDM. But fair enough it's bass is one of a kind, though not really realistic (EDM isn't, but other stuff I listen to needs natural, slightly slower bass).

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Hi and Merry Christmas to everyone! So been enjoying my X1s with my newly arrived Fiio E07K on PC. I want to also use it with my phone (GS3). I already have a standard USB OTG cable. I've been wondering though if I should instead use a Mini B to Micro B USB cable instead? I bring this up because I don't want double amp. Haven't tried it with the GS3 yet, because I'm afraid lol and wanted to get some input here first.

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Hi, new owner of the X1 as well. So far very impressed, it needs a bit more burn in though. These will probably become my most used cans for EDM, i really enjoy my K712 as well bu the X1 just flat out beats it.

Better mids, bass and soundstage.

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Hi Poltergeist - although you 'prefer' the X1,s, I'm really surprised you think they are, in a way, better than the K712!

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Can anybody offer up some opinion on how the Fidelio X1 compares to the Beyer T90? Thanks!
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I got this reply from Chicolom before Xmas.. indirectly compares the two: http://www.head-fi.org/t/534479/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-updated-9-2-2013-sony-ma900-added/19305

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