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On the cable note, I'm back from my quick vacation down to San Diego. (1 hour away lol). Going to start finalizing the details for those that PMed me with interested. So for those that are ordering, drop me another PM with your choices. Connectors, conductors, sleeving or no sleeving, colors of all of it, length, and anything else you want me to know or do. I'm going to start ordering so hopefully I can start the cables by Monday and ship them out no later than the end of the week would be ideal. Hopefully they get your X1's bumpin to a slightly different tune. 


I was still considering the X1 myself, but with the announcement of the new "Alpha Dogs" by Mr.Speakers, that $300 just went out the door to pay for the upgrade. Oh well, maybe in the future. 

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Yeah i like the stock cable very much,did not hear a difference with a Belkin cable so i returned that one and will keep the stock version....smily_headphones1.gif
But think i will try the Mediabridge cable in the end,just to try if i also hear the difference between these 2.....
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I'm happy with the stock cable, too. bigsmile_face.gif

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Me too..

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Man this thing puts a smile on my face...every time!!  ksc75smile.gif with dubstep this thing is a cannon.......

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Agreed, love it for dubstep, but it seems to do a lot of genres well.  A lot of modern and classic jazz is sounding gorgeous.

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Yes indeed no matter what i throw at them.....ALL GOOD BABY! L3000.gif and some genre's have some extra's.....listening to some Deadbeat just lovely....

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John Flemming global trance pumping through the X1's (via c3/e12). Wow. Mesmerizing.
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After a (very) long search I think I finally found a fine 3,5mm to 6,35mm cable available in Europe:



Any thoughts about this cable? It looks decent and isn't expensive so I think I'll give it a shot. However I would still prefer the V-Moda CoilPro. Unfortunately it's only available in the US and shipping costs would double the original price so that's a no-go for me. Unless someone knows were I can find this cable in Europe? Or any other place that doesn't charge more than 10 dollars for shipping.

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But why use silver and gold on the jacks and what is better in the end...?

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Silver as higher conductivity properties compared to gold - - 106% to 76%.
Gold, however, is very resistant to corrosion while silver is susceptible to oxidation.

There isn't necessarily a "better", just different uses for different purposes.

Some people swear by certain materials. Others don't hear a difference. It's pretty highly debated on the forums in the sound science areas.

If you want more details you can head there or PM me.

P. S. placed the order for half of the X1 cable parts for those that PMed me about wanting a custom cable. I should be able to start making them sometime middle of next week.
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Did some A/B testing yesterday with the X1 and LCD-2. Didn't spend much time with the RS1.
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Paired it with media bridge and it bass is sounding better compared with stock (subjective evaluation as my ears as not as well trained as some of the more experienced people me smily_headphones1.gif

Even paired with Astro Mixamp 5.8 is good. I am only testing it for less that 2hrs. Have not tested extensive yet. But coming for gaming headset (creative tactics Sigma) there is a vast difference in width of the soundstage. (my audio appreciation experience comes more from home theatre setups but no longer dabble in it due to smaller residence frown.gif )
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For us Europeans:


http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00847Q5AA/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 (gizmo dorks on marketplace)


Items: EUR 1,79
Shipping & handling: EUR 2,89

Total before tax: EUR 4,68
Estimated tax to be collected:* EUR 0,00

Order total: EUR 4,68
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Originally Posted by ethan7000 View Post

Did some A/B testing yesterday with the X1 and LCD-2. Didn't spend much time with the RS1.

Do you want to share your impressions?
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