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Originally Posted by Sidiun View Post

I see. I might have to use the X1 on its own with just onboard audio then. Far from what it should be, but ah well. 

All I can think of that might be appropriate is the E11, which is quite expensive in the UK. But, would that be the end of it? Of course not! I'd need to buy an external DAC as well! Enough, I'm done with this stuff.

edit: Also the E11 can't be listened to whilst charging and can only go for a few hours before running out of power. Great.


Ask Oliver for 1x and 2.5x gain for your X1:s
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He doesn't have that much money to spend. If not, I'd have just told him to buy the E17, which gets rid of all his problems.
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OH MY GOD this thing is....FREAKIN AMAZING!!! first impression it's sound is very spacious and still got that very nice bass,hell yeah playing it through my Denon pma 720 and it is good test it on my Fiio E10 later......never had a open headphone before always closed but me like....dt880smile.png

Playing some 24 bit stuff with my Denon dnp 720 networkplayer,some Rap,House,Rock all sound very,very good,Bob Dylan,Chris Rea and John Hiatt was amazing,but a good can for rock sounds a lot better i guess....Snap the power in 24 bit gave me goosbumps all over  and bass heavy music is just awesome...:)

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Did i mentioned Dubstep haha wobbel wobbel.....:) best headphone i ever owned!! And really doubting to buy the Denon D600 haha i rather buy another X1 for back up......

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Should have read more on output impedance before I went ahead with buying my Creative Soundblaster ZX... My findings of its impedance is 22ohm.... I do not know if it would adversely affect the X1 since I can only test it with my pair from Amazon in about 10 days due to forwarding out from US.

Mad Lust Envy -> would using mixamp 5.8 mitigate any potential impedance mismatch for the soundcard output impedance and x1?
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The Mixamp 5.8's audio out is very low (I forgot what it was). It would be more ideal.
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Oh ok,

So using optical out to mixamp in DD output setting for Soundblaster ZX will be more ideal than directly connecting to the ZX headphone output? Sorry pardon my ignorance on impedance mismatch
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Yes, assuming your ZX outputs Dolby Digital 5.1 through the spdif out (make sure the speakers are also configured to be 5.1 on the PC).
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Originally Posted by Sarith View Post

So I received my X1 on Friday and I thought I would give a quick impression. First things first; the X1 sounds amazing and I feel the reviews are pretty spot on. The bass is unbelievable for an open headphone and it definitely makes listening to music, games and movies a complete joy. My only complaint would be that vocals are not quite as good as I would like and take a back seat to the bass at times. Sound wise these would have kept me satisfied for some time.


Unfortunately I am finding the pads extremely uncomfortable and I cannot listen to them for longer then 30 minute intervals. My ears are too big and do not fit nicely inside the pads. This is caused by the inner oval shape of the pads and if they were circular I don't feel I would have any issues. This is extremely disappointing considering everything else about the X1 is nearly perfect for what it is. Seems I am now off to try an Annie.


TL;DR: If you are looking for a great headphone I don't think you can go wrong with the X1 (my problems aside).


Yes I too find the pads a bit to small (on the inside). My ears fit however, but sometimes I'm adjusting it for almost 30 seconds untill it's in place.

I also concur about the voices, they're slightly recessed (mids) in comparison with the highs and lows. I think this is giving the X1 it's fun factor, however introducing a slight downside with the voices. With my HD595 it sounds like the singing is about 10 to 15 meters in front of me while with the X1 it's more like I'm in a concert hall and the singing is 15 to 25 meters away on a stage. I also find the voices a bit smoother than on my HD595, were they had a welcome harshness. Norah Jones for example sounds better on my HD595. In "Good Morning" for example it's like she's whispering in my ear with my 595, with the X1 she's 2 meters in front of me. Her voice however is still in the spotlights as the guitar seems to be further away, but it's not as "in your face" as with my 595.


I'm not saying this is a bad thing, it's just a matter of taste. Some people would prefer her voice to be more "on stage" than "right next to you" + don't forget this is just my opinion, coming from a person who has been using only a Sennheiser HD595 for almost 8 years. People who are used to other headphones might experience this differently I think.

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Great compare between the Senn hd595,i had it too but gave it to my dad who is very happy with it,and i am with the X1 cause the hd595 just has no bass at all.....for certain type of music it is very good but just not for me,i like bass!!

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Yes. A mismatched output impedance with a low ohm headphone can result in looser, less controlled bass, harsher highs, more recessed mids. Long story short: It can mess up a headphone's frequency response.

In the case of the U3... I find that the headphone out, makes the X1 sound thin, and a bit sibilant if memory serves me correctly. I'll have to re-test. It sounded worse than my recon 3Di onboard soundcard.

The u3 has an abnormally high 23ohm output impedance. That is HORRIBLE. You will want 2ohm or less.

Do someone no if Headstage Arrow 4g or Hifiman 601 is a good match to drive the X1?
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Originally Posted by Heartsmart View Post

Do someone no if Headstage Arrow 4g or Hifiman 601 is a good match to drive the X1?

Everything should be able to drive the X1.

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Originally Posted by Thujone View Post

Everything should be able to drive the X1.

I was thinking about the output impedance matching.
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How is heard in terms of bass and mids Contact - Daft Punk and Get Lucky in music fidelio x1 ... thanks ....

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Originally Posted by Heartsmart View Post

Do someone no if Headstage Arrow 4g or Hifiman 601 is a good match to drive the X1?

I have the Arrow 3G and it is a great match.

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