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Is this a good cable from Philips self...?



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I have tried quite a few cables, and almost all of them are at around 0.5ohm, more or less. I'm sure that cable would be too. I'm almost certain the X1's stock cable was made at high resistance on purpose, probably to give the bass more presence and warm up the sound slightly.
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Maybe I should make an adapter that ups the resistance 2 or 3 ohms and send it your way just to see if that even matters.
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Yeah, let me know what such a high resistance does...

So I just got my E12 in. Hmm, not sure if it's the e12 or the D03k, but the x1 sounds a bit bright. Considering how I've heard the E12 is ever so slightly on the warm side of neutral, I'll blame the D03k. I guess I'll have to hurry up and get the ODAC asap...
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Nope, the E12 doesn't brighten them up. I haven't listened to them off of my E12 very  much yet, but a very winning combination is the Colorfly C3 + C&C BH + X1. Gorgeous.

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Originally Posted by waynes world View Post

Nope, the E12 doesn't brighten them up. I haven't listened to them off of my E12 very  much yet, but a very winning combination is the Colorfly C3 + C&C BH + X1. Gorgeous.

Congrats Wayne! You finally got it. Hope to see your full review on the X1.
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Same here, hope you love em! I'd feel bad if you didn't because I did recommend them to you when I had them. What are your impressions when comparing to the GR07 BEs off memory? Was I right?

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Upgrading headphones has been a bit of a pain in the balls. Finally settled on the X1 after a lot of deliberating, ordered that. The cable is terrible though and will cause it sound bad, okay... I order a new cable. Need an amp/dac though, so I order a cheap option - the Xonar DG. Apparently that has a high impedance output though, so again I need to order something else, lord knows what though - any recommendations for a cheap amp/DAC to use in combination with the Xonar DG and X1? I'm thinking the Fiio E10 maybe, or the E6 or something. I fully expect there to be yet another purchase necessary after this :P

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The E10 is USB only, so no go.

Hey, things come with a price. if you wanna play in stereo, you don't need a Xonar. If you want Dolby, you need something like a Xonar. Xonars have high output impedance, which does not pair up well with the X1. You can use it, but expect a loss in SQ. This is why you need to pair it up with another amp with a low output impedance to bypass that.

Things happen, and you do have to prepare to spend money to get things working right.
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Yeah, reality sucks like that.


Do you think I, far away from being an audiophile like you, will care about the difference from the impedance output? We'll have to see, though I have no frame of reference.

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Yes. A mismatched output impedance with a low ohm headphone can result in looser, less controlled bass, harsher highs, more recessed mids. Long story short: It can mess up a headphone's frequency response.

In the case of the U3... I find that the headphone out, makes the X1 sound thin, and a bit sibilant if memory serves me correctly. I'll have to re-test. It sounded worse than my recon 3Di onboard soundcard.

The u3 has an abnormally high 23ohm output impedance. That is HORRIBLE. You will want 2ohm or less.
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I see. I might have to use the X1 on its own with just onboard audio then. Far from what it should be, but ah well. 


All I can think of that might be appropriate is the E11, which is quite expensive in the UK. But, would that be the end of it? Of course not! I'd need to buy an external DAC as well! Enough, I'm done with this stuff.


edit: Also the E11 can't be listened to whilst charging and can only go for a few hours before running out of power. Great.

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Originally Posted by Sidiun View Post

Anyone know a good, cheap replacement cable for the X1 available in Europe? I'd love to get the monoprice or mediabridge ones, but unfortunately they only seem to be available in America.


As the nice Neutrik connectors seem to fit here is a selection of mini to mini cables of good quality available in Europe:


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OH MY GOD this thing is....FREAKIN AMAZING!!! first impression it's sound is very spacious and still got that very nice bass,hell yeah playing it through my Denon pma 720 and it is good test it on my Fiio E10 later......never had a open headphone before always closed but me like....dt880smile.png


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So far, the X1 sounds pretty glorious off the E12. Coming off a beast of an amp/dac that is the Compass 2 and downgrading to the E12.. I'm very impressed with the E12, not that the X1 even comes close to requiring the amount of power the E12 puts out...
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