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Originally Posted by aleex View Post

Thanks for the tip, I bent the leather band quite a bit, and frankly, now they're almost too loose lol. I still don't feel they're entirely comfortable but I guess it's a matter of taste, or rather head shape. 

exactly! I have a long face so they are just fine on my head!

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Hah. $30.87 for shipping before tax and stuff. Whenever I buy anything it makes me want to move to the states. Thanks anyways.

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I feel slightly retarded for asking this, but exactly how are you supposed to be using the cable management clip? 

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Originally Posted by Chris5488 View Post

I have been looking at the HE-400's as well, but here they cost 400 euro's (525 dollars) which is also a lot more than 175 euro's (300 dollars) for the X1. Can't compare those I'm afraid and too expensive for me. Should I just keep in mind the X1's really dominate mid-bass frequencies? Or is it not as "extreme" as you say?


IMO, they are very mid bass heavy. While the X1's technically extend decently well, the sub bass is much quieter. I listen to a lot of EDM and with certain songs the difference between the mid bass and deep sub bass is easily noticeable. 

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Its not an invasive mid bass, but it does become slightly bloaty once in a while. And yeah, its definitely quite a bit more pronounced over sub bass.
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hmm, did anyone return them because of missing sub bass? i liked the WS99, but felt they could use some more sub bass as the low end sounded a little too dry/quick for my taste. i was about to order these, but if they're similar in that regard i don't know if they're right for me..

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They're open headphones. Asking for rich sub bass out of an open headphone is asking for a miracle. You will only get that possibility from planar magnetics like tbe HE400 and LCD2, and those two aren't exactly the most open in soundstage.
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I just want to say thanks to everyone who has posted info of the X1 in this thread and head-fi in general. You guys really helped me settle on the X1 as my next headphone purchase. Placing an order for an X1 right away.

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Good night,
needed to know whether to use an amplifier to use fidelio x1 on my laptop or you only need to change the wire or simply do not need ...
If he used to advise which amp up the volume fiio e6? thank you!
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They aren't hard to drive, this means that feeding them with your internal soundcard should make them sound "lively" enough. A proper amp suited for low impedance headphones and with the right amount of power will make them sound better. Anyway, since you are using the onboard soundcard of your laptop, you need to upgrade your DAC first since it will surely increase the sound quality.


If you find the sound of your soundcard unsatisfying, you can get some improvements with a dirt cheap DAC/AMP combo like the FiiO E10 "Olympus".

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If the Denon D2000 was still available my choice would have been simple. But now... I'm looking at the X1, Sennheiser's HD650, AKG's K550, AKG's K701's, Hifiman's HE-400 and Beyerdynamic's DT880 250ohm. . Sennheiser's HD600 might be a better choice than the HD650's but the HD650's are warmer which I like (I'm not searching for the most neutral sound possible, I fear it might be boring or unforgiving).


Long story short: I wouldn't be posting all this if I wouldn't prefer the X1 (don't shoot me for saying this!! biggrin.gif ). I might be horribly wrong of course, I'm still in doubt. I've read good things about AKG's K550 but since it's is a closed headphone and I've always used open headphones (Don't need isolation after all) I'm guessing those won't be the right choice. Hifiman's HE-400 are getting a lot of praise and its frequency response (-chart) looks very good. However I currently own a Sennheiser HD595 and Sennheiser's are known for being very comfortable. I use my HD595's sometimes for 6 hours straight, while the HE-400's major downside is it's wearing comfort. I've read the cushion is very thin and you could feel the frame on your head? I don't think I would like that after using Sennheisers, no matter the sound quality the Hifiman might produce. AKG's K701 on the other hand seems to be lacking in the mid/lower-bass frequencies while I like a warmer sound. For the same reason I'm preferring the HD650's over the more neutral HD600's. However I do notice the notorious Sennheiser-veil with my current HD595's and I'm afraid the HD650's won't make a big difference. The DT880's at last... I don't know.


So I'am comparing the HD650's to the X1's (don't ban me redface.gif) while costing 175 euro's/232 dollars (X1) and 276 euro's/366 dollars (HD650). I know both are very cheap comparing to their regular price but there's still the 100 euro / 133 dollar difference. Since I would like a warmer, fun headphone and already tasted Sennheiser's veil I'm leaning towards the X1 which is also easier to drive. However I know I shouldn't be comparing it to the HD650's as being one of the most beloved headphones on Head-fi. What would you do?


(background: I listen to music for fun, 60% to really experience it and 40% just to keep it in the background while doing other things. I listen to almost every genre. Using it exclusively at home, primarily on a DAC/hAmp)

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Originally Posted by Chris5488 View Post
What would you do?


Never mind the price difference and pick whatever headphones you like best. A higher price does in many cases not equal better sound, even though manufacturers, dealers and of course Head-Fi are trying to create that impression.

That being said, I think the X1 is an excellent headphone and can stand up to the "classics" such as the HD650, K701 and DT880. Personally I'd pick the HD600 over it but that's personal preference. If you like the X1, go for it.

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Is it true that the X1's bass is slightly bloated and ''one note ish'' and their highs are slightly veiled aswell?

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I don't find the treble to be veiled at all, it's just not as exaggerated as in some other headphones such as the K701 or DT880. About the bass, it certainly is very pronounced and can sound slightly bloated at a very high listening volume. Nevertheless I'd say the X1 is a "bass heavy done right" headphone, as the bass in 95% of cases does not spoil the rest of the frequency response and remains well controlled at a normal listening volume.

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