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I don't think the X1 is the second coming of Jesus in dynamic form. I love them for the things they do right, but in the end, I think it's a solid mid fi headphone with the perfect sound signature suited to my taste. If I could put a price tag for their actual quality and performance, I'd say they are worth $250-$300.

I think in their price range, the HD650, HE400, and K702 Anniversary are superior, technically.
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Got my new X1's today, i sent back my previous pair because i thought they sounded unbalanced i.e left ear sounded very slightly louder.


I still feel that this is the case with my new pair.  It might be my ears, but i did a bit of a DIY listening test and i think my ears are ok.


Source is a XFi Xtream Fatality Pro sound card.  I tried out a mono test on youtube:




Not sure if it me or my soundcard or the youtube test.

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Again, download SINEGEN. Run frequency tests. It's probably your ears. In the tests, SOME frequencies i n the treble range WILL be unbalanced. That's more than likely your ears as well.
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i ran it.  sure enough unless i moved the phase some of the higher frequencies were indeed off balance.


are my ears stuffed then? (38 years old with tinnitus)

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I have never, ever heard of any headphone not have some imbalance in small ranges in the treble. None. Whatsoever.

As long as it's kept to a minimum amount, it is normal. Now if it's a huge portion, and in the important bass/mid ranges, then yes, it's a problem.
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that's good to know thanks.


What sound card are you using?

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I use my Compass 2. It has a Sabre ES 9018 dac chip.
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I'm a heavy PC gamer, so i'm not sure an amp and dac will be right for me.

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Ah, for gaming? I have an Alienware laptop with a Creative Recon 3Di soundcard. I JUST received my Xonar U3 USB amp/dac that has Dolby headphone, and once I figure it out, that's what I'll be using when gaming.

If I had a main desktop gaming rig, I'd personally go with one of the Asus or Xonar cards with Dolby Headphone.
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Wrong thread.
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Inakustik cable came in today... sounds great, sounds nice and clean with tight bass.


The white cable actually doesn't look too bad with the X1's and the cable is the perfect size for my setup (4 feet). The Vmoda and stock cable would be dangling all over the floor and getting tangled up with everything else tongue.gif


I'm done with the cable shopping now... time to sit back and enjoy the headphones.

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Star or Premium?
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Star or Premium?


Went with the Star version. Is there any differences between the two other than build quality? The premium is stiffer?

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I dunno, but the resistance is the same, so I assume it's probably just the better build.
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Hey guys,


I live in Europe but the Fidelio X1 is sold out in the country I reside in.


That ment I had to order it from Amazon.com. But the Fidelio X1 is called Fidelio X1/28 it seems in the US, but over here in Europe the name is Fidelio X1/00.


Is there anye difference? Philips couldn't give me a proper answer...


Thank you!


Best regards, Montymastiff

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