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Or which would you guys recommend most out of those ? And a small headphone amp as well unless you think it would be better to run it off my denon 1712 receiver then I would need a 3.5 to 1/8 adapter I think
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actually after reading more reviews and more than a few were from here i narrowed the choices to 



Audio-Technica ATH AD700


Sony MDR-V6


Audio-Technica ATH-M50


which out of these would be best for gaming you guys think and should i run them off my receiver or get an amp or use my sound card asus Xonar DG

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ya i saw that :S but they are supposed to be better than the M50 on soundstage by a wide margin with or without dolby headphone active

and i play alot of shooters so being able to tell where people are better would be great but the lack of bass when stuff is blowing up would be sad :S  i also play stuff like assassins creed skyrim and other adventure games


anything you can think of that has great bass and great soundstage up to 200 but if possible closer to 100  


why cant god just come down and make the perfect headphones and that be the end of it there are too many brands and models>.< 

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ok i just want to clarify what i am looking for after looking more into headphones in general and reading up on things recommended and other stuff


the headphones will only be used for gaming alot of shooters but then games like assassins creed and skyrim that i would want to be absolutely immersed in as much as possible.  i want to be able to hear where birds are chirping and flying, peoples foot steps, arrows whizzing by my head but i would also like good bass for explosions and gunfire.  i more than likely will want to run whatever headphones of my asus xonar DG sound card,maybe an amp if it isnt really expensive, or if possible my Denon avr 1712 receiver i use with my 7.1 setup it has a 1/4 jack but i dont know what level of impedance headphones it can properly power and havent been able to find out looking around online:/.   so good sound stage of and open ear and clean tight accurate base of close headphones if thats possible.  also sometimes i will start gaming and go all day so comfort is a MUST :D.   my budget limit is 200, but if there is something comparable around 100 or 150 i dont mind saving some money for an almost undetectable drop in sound quality i am sure whatever you recommend will be better than anything i have heard. so i will more than likely be happy with it compared to my current razer headset. also want them to be around ear dont like on ear headphones 



sorry to pretty much restart the thread but i think i have better described what i am looking for this time thanks for any help:D

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would the AKG Q701 run properly off my asus xonar DG sound card?

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DT990 sound like what your looking for(big bass and soundstage) and are within your budget.



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I feel Mad Lust Envy still has the best guide for everything you need. 




Personally I would go with the 770 80 ohm version with any mic. Modmic is nice but a desktop mic works well too.

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i just looked at his list again at the above mentioned 990 and 770.  the 770 he said "positional accuracy is the very best, but the bloated bass makes it hard to pick up details, so it hurts it quite a bit"  and i do play alot of shooters and there are alot of explosions going on when i am playing plus i like hearing all the little details more than bass if it will ruin the over all sound>.< and the 990 though they are almost as good as the 770 for positional they have a 250 ohm impedance and i dont think i can run that right on my sound card and i called denon and my receiver only does 32 ohm :S disappointed in that so i would need a decent amp and fo almost 170 wont have enough left for that :/    


has anyone used the AD 700 and 770 80 ohm for gaming and give me some more feedback on there impressions or if you have used both which did you prefer and for what reasons?   


this bass really that lacking on the AD700 even if i mess with EQ? and would the 770 and AD700 run well on my Xonar DG sound card?


thanks again for all the help so far

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The 770s are awesome for gaming IMO. They are my preferred gaming headphones and I play a lot of shooters. The idea that the bass takes away from the rest of the overall sound is ridiculous IMO (in regards to gaming). Explosions are weak and unimpressive through all of my other cans, compared to the 770s. The emphasized bass does mean it has recessed mids but I don't find that to be a problem for gaming. The soundstage is also impressively large for closed cans. The 990s would be even better in that regard, if you're OK with open-back.

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I use the Zalman clip-on mic with my 770s for gaming and like it quite a bit. Its cheaper than the AntLion modmic (which is sometimes hard to find because its always going out of stock).



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hmm ok i will read more up on the 770:D

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You want a balanced sound with decent bass and a large sound stage then get the 880s. 

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I'm far from any head-fi on here but I was in about the same situation as you.

I got recommanded the ATH-A900X, they are just a very little over your budget but they compensate by not needing amp for sound great as they are 40 Ohms headphone.

You may take a look into these, I was quite reticent ordering them cause the pad seem Quite firm, but After some shearch I heard they soften a bit and are quite comfortable.


So ya, try give them a look.


Best regard, an average PC gamer who was in the same situation than you.



p.s: can't wait for all my stuff to be at my door and hook them up for the burn in session.

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ok so i read around more i think i am going to just grab up some AD700s and try them out and mess with the eq and break them in and if not happy i will send them back and go for the the 770s thanks for your help guys :D

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