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For Sale:
Mint Condition HeadAmp GS-1 with DACT Attenuator...SOLD!!!

Will Ship To: Canada / USA

For Sale:

My MINT condition silver GS-1 w/ DACT Attenuator. I bought this from HeadAmp directly back in January and it has very quickly become one of my favourite and transparent solid state headphone amplifiers. Here is a link to my review thread of this beauty:


Product details from HeadAmp:


Price = $SOLD + PayPal fees and shipping (US/Canada ONLY). I am not interested in trades at this time as well.


I paid $1099 + shipping for this amp, so this is a fantastic deal for one of the very best solid state amps that one can own. It can drive all of my full sized headphones (LCD-3/HD800/T1/W3000ANVs) and my IEMs (Westone 4/SE535/UE TF 10s) very, very well. 


I am only selling it because enjoyed it so much that I've upgraded to the GS-X. 


Included: GS-1 w/DAC attenuator amp and a basic power cord. I would easily rate this 9.5/10 (conservatively on the audiogon scale). Please have a look at my feedback (new and old school via the link in my signature) and buy with complete confidence. smile.gif


Please PM me if you're interested or email me at:


Thanks for your interest!


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