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Audez'e LCD-2 or Beyerdynamic T1 (or something else) for 2nd pair? (with Nuforce HDP amp)

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I have the Sennheiser HD650, with a Nuforce HDP amp/dac, and I enjoy this combination very much. But I feel that it's time for me to get a 2nd pair of headphones to continue my exploration of the audiophile world.


Now, I don't want to immediately update my amp/dac (I might do it a year later); so my first question is: Will the HDP Icon push the T1 and LCD-2 enough? Will one of these headphones be better with the HDP?


I read in the Buyer's Guide that the HDP does fine with the T1. But I don't know how accurately I should take that statement.


Secondly, I mostly listen to pop and rock (60% of the time), but I also listen to acoustic, classical, metal, trance and even hip-hop. I heard the T1 is the better all-arounder, but I definitely want bass, at least of similar quantity as the HD 650. Will the T1 have enough bass for me? Will it be too bright for me? 


And... if I get the LCD-2, wouldn't it be a bit redundant with the HD 650? And wouldn't T1 be the better complementary headphones?


Also, is there's another pair of headphones that are good that I should try?



My budget is basically ~$1000, total.

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The HDP definitely works better with the T1 than it will with the LCD-2 from my experience, but that doesn't mean much if you don't like an analytical sound signature. While the T1 does have more bass over, say, the HD800 or PS1000, it's still not a warm headphone, which may be what you're going for. You may find it cold-sounding, and if you're one who doesn't like a cold sound signature they may not be for you. In addition, the LCD-2 would compliment most of your genres nicely because it takes to layering well, so you shouldn't have to worry about. The only forseeable issues could be with hugely-layered compositions and really heavy music, but generally the LCD-2 can fully represent a large number of instruments at once.


It's a balance between going with something you know you'll love and driving them with equipment that, while adequate, could be better for them, and a very balanced, detailed all-rounder that will be driven fine by your current equipment.

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I vote for the T1.  Both are nice though ( I alternate between them). 


The LCD2 i enjoy with most of my rock/metal music.  But The T1 wins for classical/acoustic/vocals in my opinion.  In your case, the T1 will give you a good complement to your HD650.  It has plenty of treble energy but I've never found it harsh to my ears, very smooth.


As far as bass, yeah it has less than the LCD2, but its very present and controlled/punchy.  After listening to my T1's and switching back to my hd650s...the hd650's bass sounds bloated in comparison.


Both choices are good, and I don't think you can go wrong.  But as a complement to your HD650, I think the T1 fits that bill more.

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The T1 is my choice, too, especially being so easy to drive, but it all depends on if the OP wants to take the risk of something different AND very expensive or stick with the sound signature they know.

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Thank you to both of you guys for your help.


But I am still on the fence.


Mainly since I've been reading the T1 and LCD-2 reviews, and the latter seems to be getting nearly all favourable reviews while, the T1 - also getting great reviews - is sometimes said to be too detached and analytical. And I'm aiming to use these headphones my leisure listening, not for remixing.


So essentially, what I'm asking is; since you guys have the T1 (or have had), are they pleasurable to listen to? And which do you personally think (between the LCD-2 and T1) is the more enjoyable pair?

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They are very pleasurable to listen to, but are definitely not in your face and have a much larger soundstage than the LCD2s. 


I suppose which is more enjoyable would depend a lot on the genre's of music you like.  If it's rock/electronic/metal/pop  type music then I find myself reaching for the LCD2's.  If you maybe prefer classical/acoustic/folk/indie type music with say female vocals and strings etc, the T1's will do better I think. 


I guess I mainly recommended the T1's because you have the hd650's already which are said to be a dark headphone as well as the LCD2, and the T1's are brighter so that might give you 2 different types of phones.

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I still have my not sold HD650 and also heard T1 at the meets and currently own D7000 and only can say one thing after you hear T1 I don't think you will want to come back to HD650 cause I after getting D7000 can't and have them for sale for 2 months right now

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Put the HifiMAN HE-5LE and HE-500 on your shortlist.

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Originally Posted by pataburd View Post

Put the HifiMAN HE-5LE and HE-500 on your shortlist.

I actually think the LCD-2 and HD-650 are pretty complimentary to one another, despite both having dark profiles.

LCD-2 has impact and liveliness. The T1 is warm, detailed and fun. It presents orchestral music in a very engaging way.

Dependent on your preferences, but I think the LCD-2 is usually the crowd pleasure.

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