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I still use mine.

Mainly for thr impedance switch so I check how gear responds under different impedances.

I doubt I will ever sell it.
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Originally Posted by gc335 View Post

Can you still get the M8 with a 4 pin XLR output?  It shows as out of stock on their site.
Maybe try emailing CEntrance or check the dealers (I can't check it now, but I think the website lists dealers that carry CEntrance products.
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I don't get the balanced output... From what I understand, the internal electronics aren't balanced. I know, it's convenient if you're already wired with balanced headphones, but I found that disappointing.
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Yeah I didn't do my research first when I bought mine... thought it was truly balanced. Now I realize how mistaken I was! But after that annoyance, I still fell in love with the m8, and don't regret the decision at all.
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Yes agreed - I actually thought that was a bit disingenuous on Centrance's part... they always mentioned it had "balanced outputs", and while it's true technically that doesn't necessarily mean it's a balanced amp, 99% of people would interpret it that way, and they never clarified (until someone opened one up and confirmed) that it just included a 4pin XLR output for convenience, but it was technically a SE amp... What made it more confusing was that during the planning process, this was supposed to be a true balanced amp (and was discussed as such), but somewhere down the line they decided not to (forgot the reason why). 


Anyways regardless, I still love mine, and the fact that it has a 1/8", 1/4" and 4pin XLR output really makes it a dream for bringing to meets. Also lets me use my MrSpeakers Ether C's with 4pin XLR around the house (I listen in bed from my iPhone pretty frequently). 

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I was disappointed, jumped in quickly when there was a Massdrop offer without doing enough homework, didn't realize it wasn't really balanced. And, I got the Non Apple version, only to find out it had to connect via optical,which I didn't have for my various sources. And it didn't play well with my PC. I finally found a use at the last Philly meet I went to, used an iPad 3 streaming TIDAL on a Pure base, which does optical digital out. Into the CEntrance, line out into my MicroZOTL2, then to my HE-1000.a bit convoluted, but worked out pretty nicely.
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Originally Posted by feinanng View Post

I have access to a new hifi m8 for about $285USD, is it still a good buy in 2017? Gonna pair it with hd650s.


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Yes...especially if it is the version for iDevices. Love how it charges my (dedicated) iPhone at the same time.

Only downside is battery life limited to about 5 hours at high gain output.

+3 on this, thats an excellent deal on a great sounding piece.


I doubt I'd ever sell mine, my only annoyance with it was when CEntrance briefly hinted they would offer a factory revision to include DSD capability, then immediately withdrew that idea and said they would only offer DSD playback on "newer devices" which sounded very Apple-esque to me and was a big disappointment since they had already indicated a board revision to enable DSD was possible.


Nobody was asking for that modification for free, there would have been a charge of course, but CEntrance suddenly thought better of it and I guess in the end decided they didn't want to cannibalize sales of their newer Mini-M8, which does offer DSD as standard.


I was turned off by that but I got over it, and I'll likely have the M8 for the long haul, very versatile and high quality.

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