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Exactly, for IEMs just get a mini-M8.  Or go for a higher end DAP....


I'm getting quite excited by Sony's ZX2.  And since the ZX1 works with the M8, I don't see why the newer model wont. 

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I am working on a Mini-M8 review at the moment. Its a great little unit.
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Originally Posted by doctorjazz View Post

Thanks-does seem to go against what the original claim to fame of the M8 was...and now, there is a lower powered version, with more input options. Better to get that if you haven't already purchased an M8.

Yes I would probably have gone for the mini m8 if that was available at the time.


I was quoted $100 for the IEM mod (plus customer pays for shipping both ways) for doing the mod.


At the end of the day I decided it wasn't worth the cost given it's not a huge issue when music is actually playing, but it is loud enough to be annoying on my SE500s in between tracks, as it is just loud enough to not be able to be simply subconsciously ignored


Volume pot - mine gives a scratchy white noise type sound when it is being turned. If you look back in the thread, this is apparently quite common.

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Yeah, like it, but not as flexible as I'd like. When it was being offered on Massdrop, I noticed that it was Android compatible, and thought my DX90 would work, didn't read the fine print, just jumped in at the end of the drop (generally a bad idea to go on impulse, story of my life...). May wind up selling, have the Geek Out Special Edition, not even as flexible as the M8, but sounds a bit better...
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