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Sure. It's a bit messy because it was done with what I had here.

Also, pls don't get confused: the X5 has the E12 DIY attached but switched off.


So... you can see the FiiO adapter 3.5mm to RCA, then the blue coaxial cable. On the other side of the converter it's a Toslink connection to the M8.

This converter is 9V and connected to a power adapter. Soon I'll have another one with a small 5v battery. A shorter coaxial will also help to get rid of the mess.


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Thanks :).


Ah, I think i get it.




Fiio X5 goes via the Fiio 3.5mm to RCA cable,  then to the blue coaxial cable to the coaxial/optical convertor box.


From the coaxial/optical convertor box it goes  (+a small adapter?) via Toslink cable  into the Hifi-M8.


From the  Hifi-m8 to headphones/speaker system.




The third cable is an AC power cable.



A bit messy of course, but seems to be effective. ;) Good job.

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I've got a question for those using the hifi m8 with android, through usb audio player pro, is it a flawless procedure for you? I'm asking because, I usually have to try 2 or 3 times before the m8 is recognised by the app. Usually I follow this procedure: turn on the m8, plug the usb, start uapp.



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I'm really enjoying my HiFi-M8 XL4 but I'm finding it's bulky using the power adapter for a mobile product.  I use it when I'm working in an open office layout in which I'd prefer not to just deplete the battery.  

Does anyone use an ultra short IEC (that's the power supply's input connector) cable that could plug directly into an outlet?


I was thinking of trying a product like this:

Bulky, sure, but it could be nice.  A right angle version of that could be super cool for plugging in along the wall.

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Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict View Post
Originally Posted by mgoodman View Post

Sounding good, too! We will be opening up the preorder soon. Hang in there!

ExpatInJapan graciously opened up another thread, so we will move all Mini-M8 related announcements there.


While the mini-M8 is way cool, the HiFi-M8 does everything I ever wanted in a portable/transportable DAC/amp for my portable and full-size headphones.  It's so versatile, with enough power for everything but my HE-6, which I don't use mobile anyway.


It's funny that when I came up with the idea for a mini-M8 and showed it to you, you had come up with the idea first and already had the mockup case built, well before I brought it up.  We can't keep up with you!


Sorry Larry, I beat you to it: When Michael showed me the original box way back, I suggested it should be small and thin. :p


Actually I came back to this thread as I'd just got out the M8 again and have been surprised how good it sounds. From my iPhone the sound seems to best using upsampling mode from the Onkyo HD player, with the typical feeling of being slightly smoother and more spacious. 

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