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   For those folks who have very sensative IEM's it decreases the odds that you would hear background hiss.  Personally I've never heard background hiss with my HIFI M8, but I use it with my Grados...


Hope this helps...


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HI Francisk!


I only own IEM (UE 7, JH 16, ER-4pt, and Shure 535s so if I wanted to get it, I would have to get the mod.

I'll probably get some cans but nothing with extreme high impedance.  


In my case, do you think it makes sense to get the mod?



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BTW - Shipping now for the HIFI M8 is now in April! 


Looks to be extremely popular!


Maybe I'll wait until April to order it!

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Honestly Jacone, I have no idea about the rest of your IEMs but I do personally own the Ety ER4PT and I have no hiss problem with my M8. Like I said the mod is meant for those who use very low impedance IEMs which are very sensitive, therefore the new batches of M8's are not likely to come pre-modded because that will affect the performance of high impedance headphones eg. the Audeze range and some other high end headphones.


PS: Please do not take my words for it. I'm just offering my thoughts but I suggest that you write to Michael Goodman from CEntrance to confirm regarding the new batches of M8s.

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Originally Posted by JACONE View Post

I only own IEM (UE 7, JH 16, ER-4pt, and Shure 535s so if I wanted to get it, I would have to get the mod.
I'll probably get some cans but nothing with extreme high impedance.  

In my case, do you think it makes sense to get the mod?


I had the M8 with "standard" gain. With my multi-BA CIEM's there was juuust the slightest little background hiss, only noticeable when music is stopped. Not at all with music playing. It really was not an issue at all.

After owning it for some time, I realized I was using it only with CIEM's. Full size cans went with my desktop setup...I didn't really use the M8 for that, they don't need to portable. So I sold the M8 ......and then reordered one with RSA output, and figured "what the heck", I'll request the low gain mod as well. It certainly won't hurt my "CIEM only" M8. Maybe in the future I'd own an in-ear that would have more of an issue with hiss, so at least this way I'm covered.

I found the standard M8 to have plenty of gain for LCD-3 anyway, only used the middle position. I tend to listen at pretty reasonable/low levels though. I think the low gain version will be fine for full size cans should I need to use them on occasion. Ultimately, your preferences of what type of headphone/iem you will use along with usual listening volume will help decide. Hope this helps.
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Thanks much for all of your feedback!


I really appreciate it!


Given that all of my gear is mostly IEM, the mod is a must.

Not happy about spending an extra $99 but it is what it is!


Given the long shipping time which is April, I have a few more months to save for it!

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Originally Posted by Francisk View Post

I think "low gain mod" is meant for people who are using very sensitive IEMs eg. below 20 ohms which is quite rare because most are usually above that. Due to the low impedance of those highly sensitive IEMs, hiss can be above the normal levels. Basically the "low gain mod" cuts 6db off the original Hifi-M8. I'm not modding my M8 because I don't own a highly sensitive IEM. The downside of the "low gain mod" is that if you use very high impedance cans then everything will be softer by 6db after the mod which can be quite a big difference before the mod. In short, if you don't have a high impedance IEM, skip the mod.


This boils down to personal preference rather than a general issue. I have an 18 ohm ciem but I don't hear a hiss (low gain) at around 12-1pm position of the volume pot and no music playing. I only start to hear very soft, low volume hiss when I crank up the volume past 3 o'clock position which doesn't matter because if play a music at that level I will be busting my eardrums.


M8 was designed top to bottom to be an all in one AMP/DAC and therefore have unavoidable tradeoffs. For me making the mod is like crippling M8. Sure M8 is not perfect but I think you can only push it as far as the available technology allows considering the features/function it offers.


When I got M8 I used it to be my on the go device. I can tolerate the size; however, the battery life kills the idea for me.


But it is a very sleek and capable desktop DAC/AMP which is what I used it exclusively now. I can't really find a reason to get a traditional desktop amp for my 600 ohm T1 which the M8 can drive more than enough even at medium gain. (These cans really do need burn in time. M8 can on drive T1 at acceptable volume levels at high gain out of the box).


Hopefully, in the next version of the M8 if they can make it smaller (thinner would be the key) and last twice as long with the same set of features or perhaps better, then that will the my one-size fits all hi-fi rig.

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Yes, I second that headwhacker, I will be waiting for a new model from CEntrance which is smaller (with RSA output) and at least 10+ hours battery life but retaining all the goodies from M8 and if possible full DSD support and....if not too much to ask, a ESS Sabre DAC inside ;)

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Can anyone FaceTime with their Hifi-m8 on their Macs without lag or jitters?

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I have JH AUdio 13s and can hear the hiss sometimes while its not receiving any input (nothing playing) - I seriously doubt you need the mod, there is no noise during normal play and you could always send it back to be modded later

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I have the IEM mod and regarding some of the posts befor I have to restate: it doesn't change the dynamics, just the maximum loudness will be reduced by -6dab. It is still loud enough to give you permanent hearing damage with my HE500, LCD2 and HD800. The only headphone in my collection that goes only to moderate levels is the HE-6.
Oh and for the record I drove them all balanced.

Another thing is the IEM mod now $99?
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Hey all, does anyone know how to use the M8 with an LG G2 phone? I've tried connecting the LG G2 to the M8 with a USB OTG cable, but when I do the music refuse to play (when I click play, the playback freezes).  I've also tried plugging the device with the phone off initially, and also tried restarting the phone with the M8 plugged in - same results...


Using USB Audio Player Pro (demo version) works, but I saw earlier in the thread someone said it was plug and play on the LG G2 and Samsung Note 3? I also want to be able to use the M8 on other things beside music, like video playback.

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Thanks much for everyone that responded to my post!


Much appreciated!

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As far as I can remember, VLC Media Player before v2.1.2 has stutter issues. Try updating to the latest version. Hope this helps Superman 1688.

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I'm newer sorry if its a dumb question but gotta learn somewhere. Quick question if im going to output to the m8 lx will the dual dacs in the ak 120 make a difference compared to the ak 100? or will it not matter because it will use the m8 dac?

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