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  My concern with the Ety's is that the headphone cord does not rub up against the volume knob or the raised 1/4 jack when plugged into the M8.  Otherwise, I will use the 1/4  Ety Adapter



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Quote: CEntrance Blog
In retrospect, if I knew what we would have to to through, I may not have agreed to make HiFi-M8 (can you imagine that?).

Happy to invest in a CEntrance project that pushes boundaries on so many fronts. Thank you for all your sacrifices. 

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Originally Posted by LDfan13 View Post

  My concern with the Ety's is that the headphone cord does not rub up against the volume knob or the raised 1/4 jack when plugged into the M8.  Otherwise, I will use the 1/4  Ety Adapter



I can send you some duct tape to help protect the cable :)


I don't think you should have a problem.  There seems to be enough space.  You can angle the cable upward and outward.

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Originally Posted by eron View Post

Happy to invest in a CEntrance project that pushes boundaries on so many fronts. Thank you for all your sacrifices. 


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Originally Posted by eron View Post

Happy to invest in a CEntrance project that pushes boundaries on so many fronts. Thank you for all your sacrifices. 



I posted some initial thoughts about the DACmini over on it's thread. I think that if the M8 is even anywhere close to the DACmini in terms of performance, we will all be quite satisfied. And it will be worth the wait. 



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Originally blogged by mgoodman 

The other downside is that we are under a lot of pressure to deliver and it shows. Our team is happy that we’ve made it this far, but this constant feeling of being under the microscope is emotionally draining. Sometimes, the pressure feels like boot camp, especially when we are facing delays and uncertainty...


Michael, consider absolutely no pressure from at least this customer.  I fully recognize that this is an ambitious product development effort for your team, and that design and production issues get resolved in their own time.  Please be completely confident in your product and pleased with your choices before releasing the M8 to us howling masses.  

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I've just joined the HiFi-M8 club!! excited smily_headphones1.gif

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Michael and Crew,


No rush and No worries, here, either. I continue to be impressed with your dedication for achieving the highest quality Amp/DAC possible And keeping everyone up to date about your obstacles, successes, and progress. I'm really looking forward to hearing your finished creation...when you tell us it is "Done!"

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Well for us early birds who paid in nov, it shouldn't be long now barring any setbacks. Looks like we have about a month left from the latest blog update. But I still  don't want him to overly rush it though. I would much rather be where I am now(waiting) than to be some of the people in the past with other products who ended up being beta testers. 

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well for the people in the cheaper seats (me) that bought the LX Version, we should get it by September!biggrin.gif

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I have also been impressed with Mr. Goodman and his handling of so many needs. What I think emerged ----no one could have predicted. But a basic board with modular inputs and outputs...that probably is the end ideal- like being able to swap the face plate with all the jacks...

I wish someone would just miniturize the full size XLR and instead of the full side XLR combo TRS1/4 I wish they made a combo jack that was a mini version of XLR with our mini TRS1/8 th jack.... To me that would be the best of both worlds.

I also wish someone would make louvre-tec contacts for all these headphone jacks using louvre-tec bands which are electrically transparent..and also have been used by AMP corporation (a division of te.com) for so many years. That would go a long way to improving sound... These high current connections are just amazing ....in something the size of an 1/8 jack diameter they have shown these bands to allow up to 25amps of current to pass....pretty cool. Overkill is a good thing in audio.

And it is projects like this HI-FI M8 crowd sourced input that gets people to start thinking and sharing thoughts from every walk of life.

Sure 90% to 95% of the suggestions aren't the optimum. Maybe even 99.7% are not...lol..... But even the thoughts that are about 85+% of the way to the optimum possibility of the product help stimulate thoughts and help challenge to make people defend their thoughts.

So much attention to connectors shows ....well ...shows any connector company...that There is a desire for something better. And even though it is a small market...it has a ready market of early adopters wanting it.

To test the available connectors for their ratings electrically...well that might give us a partial indication of SQ influence. For instance Cryroed copper RCA connectors on amplifiers make a difference in SQ that is easy to hear by almost any audiophile who cares and knows what helps approach live sound.

I am still debating on the level of DAC quality of the hi-fi M8 and whether it will meet my lofty sonic goals or if I would have to spend more for higher quality components , larger size and perhaps a more isolated layout ( the DAC mini looks pretty good) after hearing high quality discreet component construction used in full sized home tube amps... I still am not sure how close this product will come to my sonic goals having never heard a CEntrance product yet.

Are there any CEntrance DAC mini owners in Newport Beach?..I do not want to wait for T.H.E Show to hear one, I want to hear one this week, which I am working at anyhow how about long beach ?

Headphone addict (Larry) tends to have similar opinions to what I hear...and has been a huge help in determining good products (which IMHO makes him a great reviewer) I think he treads along that value/HIGHSQ continuum nicely where he gets great SQ without killing the wallet to the point of feeling guilty. He keeps it fun, and likes the CEntrance DAC mini, he used to like/own the Apogee mini DAC which was a great value when it came out. I used to own one too, and at times I miss it.

Anyhow, so while I stil am one the fence, I want to give Mr. Goodman my hard earned dollars to "fight the good fight" of a product designer who takes input from others, makes the right compromises in the correct places, and ignores suggestions that would compromise the very core beliefs of what is important in a product.

I think Mercedes Benz engineers were very good at making good design choices until focus groups and marketing screwed them up in the late 1990's...prior to that MB engineers made cars that they felt were best for customers and the engineers families ...without unneeded features that over complicated and did not add to the driving or ownership experience.

Sometimes I give people a ride in my 1994 Mercedes E500 I don't talk about the engine, suspension, or other things first..I instead marvel at the intelligent choices in the single interior light switch. One switch with 3 positions 1st one is for the passenger side light, next one is off( for leaving a door open and not draining the battery) , and the third position is for turning both driver side and passer side lights on at the same time, because that is the way it should be, you should not have to fumble with a light switch in the dark wondering which button will do what. Like why would you ever want the driver side bright light on without having the slightly dimmer passenger light on too? You wouldn't, even if you were looking for stuff and did not want to wake a sleeping passenger, you would take twice as long to find stuff with only the driver side light on, and if you had to look in the bottom of you drivers map pocket while driving with your interior lights on, Darwinian evolution should take care of your bad genes. These were intelligent engineering and safety decisions made by engineers that probably had meetings to decide what was the best choice. Now Mercedes are littered with light switches. WHY...?

Damn focus group driven design ...where marketing forces a myriad of wrong choices on engineering....ugh.Choices??? Like it's "just a different kind of wrong"' but wrong no matter what you pick ---> marketing only gives the engineers wrong choices to pick according to what some distracted befuddled housewife on prozac thought was a better idea in a late night focus group. So according to marketing, a housewife non technical person without an advanced degree in automobile engineering ...is somehow more qualified to make a choice than someone who spends 50 hours a week considering the trade offs?...WTF? And it happens every day. Marketing depts. using focus groups is ruining the customer experience. Like do we need 14 cup holders in a minivan?......with that many cups we should have catheters in it as well. Ask them what they want..and the women say cup holders, they use them to store all sorts of things... But the house wives don't tell marketing they need "intelligent storage solutions" instead of bad storage in cup holders so what do you get? A zillion cup holders instead of what people need.

The engineers who not only have the time, they have the logic to know what is best for the customer...to know even far better than the customer---> what is best for the customer.

Anyhow, if so much attention is given to a lowly light switch in my car, you know lots of attention was likely paid elsewhere too in far more important areas. I feel this same sense of security in Mr. Goodman as a designer that he will make the best choices...even if his customers will not appreciate those choices until a long time after they have owned his products. Gotta love the DAC Mini potentiometer drop protection bar! We can't see it, or hear it but if eventually we drop it we will be thankful it was thoughtfully designed into it. Probably Mr. Goodman had a few engineering samples fall face down and were damaged..so he put this feature in for the good of the customer... Whether they want to pay extra for it or not... When automobile seat belts came out... They were an option...not mandatory. Well someone intelligent decided they should not be an option. Good move, a great benefit that far outweighed the extra cost. Mr. Goodman keep making the good choices.

So Mr. Goodman, I searched your products today, determined it buy something from you...... ANYTHING, that fit my needs ( even vaguely) to help this concept of designing continue. To honor your design model. I proudly Bought a set of Masterclass speakers today...And I feel really good and confident about my purchase....

Mr. Goodman .,Keep fighting the good fight, I am impressed and you will benefit from it...I see no reason why the benefits of this design process of the Hi-Fi M8 should not be felt even In other areas of your company... Bravo. Don't be afraid to put that capacitor that cost more in the amp section, or to cryro it, or to spend more for a better volume control...make the choices that make it a better product, push SQ forward even if we as customers kick and scream over the long wait or silly rubber bands. Offer mods that make sense and broaden your products usefulness. You'll have a cult like following in no time.

I'm watching this thread, and there is a point where I will buy a product without even hearing it,..takes a huge leap of faith for me,,,and you are damned close to that point. Sure..."Welcome to Head-fi ......sorry about your wallet" applies here to this product, but I am thinking it might become (or already be) the best in its class.. I gotta hear it.

Finger on the "buy button".... Any DAC minis or DAC mini PX owners near me?....I would like to get on the waiting list for the HI-FI M8 I just need a listen.
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Update from Centrance's blog


Battery meter fixed through software, with firmware cleaning up continuing. 



Quote: C Blog

We will send them out by seniority – those people who have waited the longest will get their units first.

We estimate that the first batch of units will leave our premises in late May. The additional batches will leave in June.

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@Golden Ears - This is a very nice read. I fully agree on all points especially the simple Mercedes switch. The more I wait, the more I appreciate the updates on how mgoodman faces his challenge to produce a product of his dream, one by one to the silly rubber bands, never brushing aside simple details. This gives me a lot of faith on his company and knowing every week that he is working very hard for my hard earn dollar makes it worth the wait.

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@Golden Ears - I elected to hop on board based on my experience with the DacPort - pretty amazing device, especially given that it is USB bus powered.

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Sennheiser has opted to go for 4-pin XLR balanced connectors on their new HDVD800 amp. So if new users don't know which balanced option to opt for, at least you can weigh in the decision of a major audio house. 

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