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best durable iem under $100

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as the title says i am looking for the current best iem under $100. i listen to all kinds of music but mainly metal. My last iem were the brainwavz b2 but the wire broke after only a few months even though i would always put them in my case after every use. so i dont want to ditch out $150 bucks again for headphones that are just going to break on me within a few months. right now i am considering the Shure SE215-K any thoughts? i am also looking at the ultimate ears 600 but i hear the wire inside breaks within a few months. anyways would you guys mind telling me what you would suggest i always come to head-fi because i know you guys are reliable

cheers and happy listening smily_headphones1.gif, teddy
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Newbie here, very similar situation to yours though, so I'm curious what you decide on. I had a pair of Brainwavz M2 until the left channel got flaky after 6 months. Did warranty, then new pair had a side go kaput after almost a year. Gojira sounds phenomenal on my M2s compared to my old Sennheiser CX300, but I want to try something else, hopefully more durable.


I decided to go cheaper this time. The Multi IEM Review thread rated the VSonic GR02 Bass Edition highly and housings are described as durable and time tested. Looking forward to getting them in the mail.

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