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Damn i had my mind set on ATH-M50  but now DT770 also sound nice , as i said i walk a lots i almost always have my headphone on (see here 6-10 hours a day) and people tend to say the dt 770 are more comfortable  , anyway for a person like me  Neophite in audio would see the difference between the 32/ 80/250 600 ohm ? ) (I just looked and saw a pair of 32ohm for 199.00 in preorder , would it worth it ?

(I feel like a spoiled  kid that can't make up his mind ahha )

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Hi there,

I have the ATH-M50s and Klipsch Image S4 earbuds... and i do listen a lot to metal music. I haven't tried yet the DT 770, but i am planning to test them.

The two are really different. ATH-M50 gives you more detail in the highs, mid range and lower mid. However, Image S4's give you way more bass, in intensity and lower extension, but not necessarily in accuracy of the response . Problem is, i find both the M50 and S4 to lack in responsivess in fast pace passages, specially in the lower end (i.e. the double bass drum, palm mutes, bass guitar struck rapidly with a pick, etc...) the S4 are worse in that respect than the M50 though.

Even if both of them are low impedance, i find an amplifier is mandatory for optimal performance and bass response. On the go , i use the Electric-avenues PA2V2 (70$) linked with a Fiio Cable (L3 i believe) and at my office, i have the Musical Paradise MP-301 MK3 with 6L6 tubes. The PA2V2 has less background loise, but not the tube sound of course. The PA2V2 is quite satisfying none the less.

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Sorry to hijack the thread but I also listen to a lot of metal and I am planning on taking some headphones to the gym and using them with a creative labs mp3 player (its a few years old). Do you guys have any suggestions for me? I am looking to spend around $100.

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Hey so yeah, I'm gonna go ahead & reply to this super old thread & say that the Sure SRH840 is the best headphone for metal. Done. I have owned / tried:

Beyer 770
AKG K550
AKG Q701
AKG K240
Sony MDR-7506
Sennheiser HD-280/380
Sennheiser HD-558/598

The sennheiser HD-558 was a fairly close open can, but I will try the Beyer 880 next.
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