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Australian Headphone Help

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Hey everyone i want to buy some headphones but i'm from Australia does anyone know of any Stores or online stores that sell headphones like the M50 for about my limit is $100.00


Music i listen to

Hip Hop,Pop,R&B,J-POP,K-POP



Thanks for anyhelp i tried finding XB500 in Australia but its very hard to find them so i'm looking for other headphones.

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Amazon.com ships most stuff to Australia.

Also try


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Jaben have the XB500 for $128: http://www.jaben.com.au/collections/sony/products/sonyxb500


Headphonic (headphones.com.au) have the M50 for $169: http://headphones.com.au/psingle?productID=319


I can certainly vouch for Headphonic -- I've bought almost everything through them and they have excellent service (the forums are also great if you're looking for another source of advice). Can't comment on the quality of either pair of headphones, though.

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You won't get new M50-s in AU below $100. If you're happy with XB500, then check http://youshop247.com.au/store/product.php?productid=80221 - they are within your budget.

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Thanks for the help

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any other headphones as well thnx heaps

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Thanks heaps for that ^_^

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