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For Sale: ALO triple pipe LOD

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For Sale:
ALO triple pipe LOD

Will Ship To: Anywhere

ALO triple pipe LOD, retails for $195.00 from ALO.

Came bundled with an Rx amp and I don't really need it.

Price includes domestic shipping.

Make an offer; worst that could happen is I fold like a towel and sell it for less than my asking price.
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Some daft questions, but when it gets to the UK it's too late to ask !

Will LOD work with iPodTouch 4 gen ? I'm pretty sure it does-I just need to make sure-if it's the same as on the ALO website must be ok).


I know there's a good pic but approx how old/how much use/condition, etc? Sorry but condition important. Presume no box.

In addition what would be the UK shipment above your 'built-in' allowance for domestic shipment i.e how much extra to UK?


Regarding asking price, other posts for LOD asking for same $100 but these look 'like new' and boxed. However, only found those shipping to USA so far so no good to me.


If we proceed hopefully you could be helpful with customs description and value. Would save me being clobbered with fees etc.



Cheers,  Patrick

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Hi Again

Just to say I am newbe to Head-Fi but have many years and 100% record as ‘Digitalammonite’ on UK eBay.


Cheers,  Patrick.

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Originally Posted by Digitalammonite View Post

Hi Again

Just to say I am newbe to Head-Fi but have many years and 100% record as ‘Digitalammonite’ on UK eBay.


Cheers,  Patrick.

I sent you a PM

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Hi Paulo
$106 paid. Tracking included-as is a little extra to cover PayPal fees. You should end up with $102 and a few cents.
Please show this as a Birthday Gift with a value of US $ 40 including postage. Should then be well below interest level of UK customs.
Please let me know tracking number when posted and estimated delivery time.

Cheers,  Patrick.

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It's been 5 days since my PayPal payment and I've heard nothing from you.


What's the problem?

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You must realise that I am getting a little nervous by your lack of comms. This is my first Head-Fi transaction. So please contact me with the shipment details.
As requested, should be sent tracked airmail. This should reach me in about 7 working days after posting.
If you'd rather sell it in the US just PayPal me back the money and I can then get on an order one from someone else. No problem with me.
So, please get in touch with shipment details, or reason why delay.
Keeping me in the picture is just a matter of common courtesy.
Regards, Patrick.
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Have heard nothing from you. You are obviously having problems of some sort or another. I'm asking you to come up with the FULL postage details or refund my money. You have 24 hours to do so.

Patrick Moore

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