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For Sale: HP2i

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

This HP2 was upgraded by Joe Grado, the so called i version.

I'm selling it worldwide but priority will be given to Europeans. Buyer pays paypal fee.


Edit:New photos added for identifying traites of the i version accordingly to devouringone3 great work: http://www.head-fi.org/t/622756/joseph-grado-signature-product-hp-2i-upgraded-hp-1000-headphone-information-journal-and-comparative-review-begun


The cable is the Joseph Grado Signature Ultra Wide Bandwitch Reference Cable not double.

Original box included too.

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For Sale: €210 (EURO)
For Sale: $1,950 (USD)
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what is an HP2i?  (I have an HP2, but never heard of HP2i)

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Originally Posted by 563 View Post

what is an HP2i?  (I have an HP2, but never heard of HP2i)

HP2 that have been upgraded by Joe Grado.

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New photos and description added.

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