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Joseph Grado Signature Product "HP2i" upgraded HP 1000 headphone; information journal and comparative review (on hiatus :/) - Page 12

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I'll put it in easier terms - in stock form, the midrange bothers me enough that I can't even listen to it for 20-30 minutes.  I'd really rather listen to Koss KC75's for example than a stock Grado for any decent length of time.  In modified form, I can listen for hours and there is significantly less fatiguing ringing.  CSD's and FR are available of them.  I do think the driver is definitely the source of much of the potential.  

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Unfortunately, from the sounds of it, I don't think I'll be getting my headphones or my money back.  I don't think Joe has any ill or malicious intentions but he's in his own confused world.  Sad to say, his situation could quite possibly be worsen with people around him manipulating him.  I've been optimistic about having a pair of Hp2i for the past 12 months, it looks like it's not going to happen.  For the people that still has their headphones in, he may ask you for more money.  So your total may be close to $2900 rather than $1250 or $1500.  So it's up to you if you would want to take the risk to send him the additional amount and hoping he will send your headphones back.


I would like to thank Radio_head and Mr. Sneis for offering to help out.

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Really sorry to hear this.  I still cant believe that he's able to get away with this, regardless of age, health or mental state.


There has to be a way of getting things straightened out.

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I really hope no one else gets screwed over like this.  What a sad state of affairs.  Not even the NC HF'er can help?  Don't give up Tamahome!

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Well, I didn't realize that the NC HF was a friend of Joe before I asked him. So I was on the phone with Joe and he was very upset again with me. He said to me "How DARE you go behind my back and tell my friend to pick up and pay for your headphones on your behalf. Who the hell do you think you are ? He doesn't even know youu and why should he help you? WHO ARE YOU? huh? You're making things very difficult for yourself and you are your own worst enemy making obstacles for yourself when all you had to do as you were instructed and pay me" He went ahead and accused me of being manipulative.

I reminded him that he was fine with him picking it up for me a few days ago. We had agreed that I owe him was $500 + shipping. Now he changed his story saying that it's a MINIMUM of $500 and not $500 + shipping. He told me that if I'm making things more difficult for him, the cost may increase. So he'll let me know in a few days the new amount.

It's pretty funny because just a few months ago, we were on the phone and I told him the upgrade's been taking much longer than expected and he said "you know what I'm going to give you an extra pair of the HP1000 since you've been waiting for a long time and ship them back to you when I'm done". Not suprisingly, he retracted what he said and told me he can't because he's low on stock.
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i work with the geriatric population on a daily basis as a registered nurse.  i'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having, but i haven't meet a single 90 year old that didn't have at least some form of mild dementia.  the paranoia you're quoting here suggest possibly worse.  for all we know he no longer has access to the HPs.  if your communication is primarily in the late afternoon or evening around sundown, this could be another clue. 

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This is pathetic on so many levels. If he's that confuse, he can't be living alone. There must be someone close to him that knows what's going on, I mean, how hard can it be to pry these headphones from his weak, old hands, and ship them back to you, FREE of charge.


I'm sorry, but injustice just makes me very mad.

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He does have a caretaker that helps him out.  I heard him calling her to get stuff for him.  You would think it shouldn't be this hard.  I'm hoping someone gets control of the situation and sends back all the items to their respective owners.  The shipping will only cost $35-$40 via USPS priority mail international and not $250-$300 like he's charging.  I also asked him to ship the headphones back to me and I'll send him the money order after I received the headphones.  No budge at all.  I know rdreyer and myself aren't the only ones that have been waiting for our headphones for so long.

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I really feel bad for you, I don't know what condition your HP1000's are in, but I think that it's safe to assume that they're probably worth somewhere close to $2000, wich to me, is A LOT of money, especially when you take into consideration that  you can buy the most expensive Grados for around $1500 to $1600.


Maybe if you tryed calling late in the evening, hopefully, he might be sleeping, and his caretaker might answer the phone, and you'd get the chance to explain this mess to her.

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This morning, in the latest conversation with Joe, he immediately claimed my HP2's were "in work", even though he did not know yet who he was talking to. After a long explanatory talk, he said both drivers had been changed, so it was impossible to send them back in their original state. He mentioned he was currently working on five pairs, including mine. They still need a week of burn in time, and then they will ship out.


This would be encouraging, except that back in August Joe had already claimed that my headphones were all done, and that he might even ship them on the day I called. Then three weeks later, he went back to claiming that the HP2 were on this bench, and that he was matching drivers. And then it's been the "they'll be done in 2/3 weeks" story since then. 17 months and counting...
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Really sucks that both your posts have to be about such a sad state of affairs.  Wish you better luck with this hobby in the future!

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Joe's is crazy, I just wanted to buy their drivers... I received "NO!, buy my upgrade!"


Disappointed, I sold my HP1000.

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Head-Fi sucks:)
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Joe should be the one paying the money here.
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Joe should be the one paying the money here.
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