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[WHICH to buy] Woo Audio WA2 vs WA5

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Hello, I need your advice:


I want to buy a new amp for my Beyer T1's. I listen to music both through the T1's and my speakers.

Is it better to buy the WA5 over the WA2 so I can directly put in my speakers into the WA5?


Both the WA5 and the WA2 have audio outputs on the back, but the WA5 says in the description: "Headphone & Speaker Amp", the WA2 just: "Headphone & Pre-Amp".


Is it worth the money to buy a WA5? Is it better than the WA2 in terms of audio quality?


What would you say?

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There's a big difference in price between the Woo2 and the Woo5.

The Woo2 can be used as a pre amp but will need a power amp for speakers. The full Woo5 (not LE version) can drive speakers as well and will sound considerable better than the Woo2. But it should given the price.

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For headphones, I would get the WA5 and if you can find the AKG K 1000 and you like it, the WA5 has an input jack for the K1000. If you want to be more flexible with speakers, the WA5 is a low watt amp at about 10 watts per channel so it may not be very versatile. 


If you are more of a speaker person rather than headphone, the Woo 2 can be connected to a good power amp which can drive more types of speakers. However, since more efficient speakers are on the market, it is easier these days to find great speakers to match with the WA5. 

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The answer depends on the efficiency of your speakers. If they are really efficient (sensitivity > 94 dB, flat impedance that doesn't drop below about 5 ohms) then 10 watts will be enough to drive them. If not, you will need more power. That means you will want a preamp and a separate power amp. Buy used on Audiogon and you won't have to spend too much.

Personally, I would lean towards the WA2. It is cheaper. The WA5 is expensive and won't maintain its resale value. I love the sound of OTL headphone amps, and the T1s can be driven by an OTL like the WA2.
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