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Originally Posted by warrenpchi View Post

Wow, the DT150 look so old school!  Inadvertent anti-theft feature perhaps?  biggrin.gif


How do you like them overall?  Put it this way, when you're reaching for cans, which one of the two do you find yourself reaching for more often?  Or do you find yourself switching between the two depending on genres?


@warren: Anti-theft is a bonus feature biggrin.gif.


I try my best to do rotation for them hehe.... HD215 is easier to adjust and very comfortable. The sound is comforting and spacious - suitable when chillaxing. The DT150 is usually chosen for full-range, serious and honest listening smily_headphones1.gif. Good comfort level when properly adjusted. 

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yup they do and they may sound a bit better than the laptop's and desktop's default audio drivers :)

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Hi there, first post on these forums so I'll keep it short and sweet.


First off, just an amazing review. Your dedication and enthusiasm in delivering a high quality, extensive review is much appreciated, just brava.


Secondly, I picked up a pair of these beauties today (a year late to the party, I know).

I just absolutely adore them. They're fantastic beyond belief, everything about them makes me fall in love. Admittedly the bass is lower than my brothers 202's (or I think they're 202's, I'll double check tomorrow for you), but I can easily live with it.

These are my first pair of serious headphones and I couldn't be happier with them. Beautiful rich, crisp sounds combined with extreme comfort and sleek, sexy design.



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but take care of the 3.5 jack if u use it on laptop or any other moving object it tends to get damaged from inside :) but the customer care is nice aswell u can get em replaced free of cost :P

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How does the Sennheiser HD215 compare to the Superlux HD661, HD669 or HD631's?

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I owned these since 2011. They took a lot of beating, I was carrying them everywhere. I snapped my cable in half with a chair leg so I got that replaced and the pads are scratched a lot, but they still work and still sound great. 8/10 would recommend.

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I tried the Sennheiser HD 205 yesterday at my workplace, and they sounded nothing special.


BUT, I found the bass to be really tight. They only lacked clarity by a lot

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