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For Sale: Wyred4Sound W4S DAC-2

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For Sale:
Wyred4Sound W4S DAC-2

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Offered for sale is my Wyred4Sound DAC-2, winner of the 2012 Editor's Choice from Absolute Sound.  Condition is mint.  Color is black.


Reason I am selling is that I've recently acquired a Marantz SA8004 sacd player, which also acts as a 24-bit DAC, so I don't need two DACs.


Everything is included that originally came with it, shipped in original foam and double boxes, the remote, cables, power cord, instruction manual, and cd are all included.


Here is the 6moons review of the DAC-2:


Offering for $SOLD including free shipping within CONUS.  Shipping elsewhere would be negotiated after we discuss destination.


Thank you for taking the time to read my listing.

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How do you like the sound from this dac?  Anything to compare to it?  Considering it, thanks!

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It's a tough question to answer, because systems are all about synergy. How a source component sounds through my preamp, my amp, and my speakers or headphones will be different than how it sounds through yours. But I will say this much. I used to have a Benchmark DAC1 Pre, and got the W4S to compare to it. For me the W4S was the clear winner, and I kept it and sold the Benchmark. As I said in the listing, only reason I'm selling it is because I got an SACD player that is also an excellent DAC.
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Sale pendng.

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I have a W4S DAC 2 for sale for 995.00.   This Dac was purchased to be used in a Dac comparison I am conducting. I would rate it 9/10. All original materials included. Paypal add 3%. I am in zip code 42104. In box it is about 18 lbs. Dimensions of box approximate 20x10x14. Only actual shipping charged. No gouging.  This is probably the best price you'll find anywhere on this amazing DAC. 


I am selling the this DAC to fund getting  an Eastern Electric Minimax Dac Plus.   This is the last DAC I want to test.   I would also be wiling to trade for a couple of weeks if you just want to hear the W4S for yourself and then trade back.  I just really want EE for now for  testing


I am relatively new to Head-fi, but I sold on Ebay as "dev-big" for 10 years with 100% feedback and several times listed as a "Top Valued" seller

If you have any questions just email me here or call 270-842-6996.




I don't get how to upload pictures but here is a link to my flickr account that has pics of the DAC.







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Why are you posting on my thread?

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Sorry nspindel, I had seen others do this on other  items for sale on this forum, so I thought it was alright to do.  I didn't think you would mind since your DAC 2 had sold over a year ago.  I don't know how to remove, but I would be glad to if you can direct me how.  Or, contact an administrator to remove it.  



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You don't need to remove it. But you do need to start your own thread to sell your item.
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