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Klaatu, I own an sr80 (i version) and it would be nice to hear your opinion about the vibro cups in terms of sound difference, since I'm a pontential buyer of one of them. Thanks.

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I never tried the cups with the SR80 drivers. I got the 325i drivers. I'll post a mini review later.

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Hey, I was just wondering how much it cost to switch out to the wooden cups, thanks!

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I finally had time to prize the drivers out of the housings. Apparently this wasn't their first time out, and the previous owner had super glued them in (not cool), so separating them wasn't quite so easy as the demo video. I have them on the jumbo pads, and I'm driving them hard off the Xonar Essence.

I'll return and give my impressions once I've gotten more head time with them.

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I eventually ordered a pair of vibro cups but I'll probably not open my sr325is since it's less than 6 months old and I definitely don't feel the need to so, I'll try it with the sr80i. So it will be nice to know  how it sounds with the 325 drivers.

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I'm still going through a bit of drama with my music source (my PC), but I can say that they're a lot brighter than my T50RPs. 

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So far, I'm rather happy with them, although all I have to compare them to are my T50RPs. After I found the higher gain settings on my soundcard, I was able to appreciate them a bit more. I've been driving them hard for the last week or s and they still sound great.

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