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Klaatu, I own an sr80 (i version) and it would be nice to hear your opinion about the vibro cups in terms of sound difference, since I'm a pontential buyer of one of them. Thanks.

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I never tried the cups with the SR80 drivers. I got the 325i drivers. I'll post a mini review later.

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Hey, I was just wondering how much it cost to switch out to the wooden cups, thanks!

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I finally had time to prize the drivers out of the housings. Apparently this wasn't their first time out, and the previous owner had super glued them in (not cool), so separating them wasn't quite so easy as the demo video. I have them on the jumbo pads, and I'm driving them hard off the Xonar Essence.

I'll return and give my impressions once I've gotten more head time with them.

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I eventually ordered a pair of vibro cups but I'll probably not open my sr325is since it's less than 6 months old and I definitely don't feel the need to so, I'll try it with the sr80i. So it will be nice to know  how it sounds with the 325 drivers.

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I'm still going through a bit of drama with my music source (my PC), but I can say that they're a lot brighter than my T50RPs. 

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So far, I'm rather happy with them, although all I have to compare them to are my T50RPs. After I found the higher gain settings on my soundcard, I was able to appreciate them a bit more. I've been driving them hard for the last week or s and they still sound great.

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Originally Posted by Brooko View Post

OK - personal opinion only - and I don't have the experience with modding that Wayne (wje) and some of the others have - but here goes .....


I started off with Alessandro MS1is.  I originally performed a few basic mods - including venting the drivers (just a couple of holes), damping etc.  From there I purchased a set of Aluminium cups from another head-fier & tried them for a while.  Had to damp the inside of the cups - interesting experience, but not what I was looking for.


From there I moved to a set of full wooden cups from Cabillas (thanks to wje's) help.  From there I replaced the headband, recabled, transplanted a set of 325i drivers.  Oh  - and during all this I also played around with various pads.


From my experience you'll get the biggest sonic changes with (in order):


  1. Driver transplant / changes
  2. Pad changes (I personally prefer bowls - nice mix of sound stage & comfort).  For bass, look at TTVJ flats.  For lower end Grados IMO don't consider the jumbos.
  3. Cup changes AND/OR venting drivers
  4. Other tweaks


As far as the wooden cups go - mine are Iroko - to my ears it has taken a little edge/sparkle off the upper end (which is nice on the 325i) - and the mid-range seems to have a little more 'presence'.  This of course could be placebo on my part - but it's what I hear.  What it also provides is a very light weight headphone, which IMO simply looks stunning as well.


Not sure if that helps at all.  Here's my 325is - I love the signature, the look ..... they're one of my keepers for sure.



Have you kept your 325is? ;)  


Anyway, it was a very useful comment. Thanks! 

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Originally Posted by pdrm360 View Post

Have you kept your 325is? ;)  


Anyway, it was a very useful comment. Thanks! 

Sadly sold them - regretted it later.  Went on to an RS1 ... and still missed the modded 325is.


I'll do another pair at some stage when the time is right.

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