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For Sale or Trade:
[SOLD] Audeze LCD3 (RMA driver) - wooden box.

Will Ship To: Canada/ USA

I'm checking to see if anyone is interested in an LCD3 in excellent shape. I got it from Headroom's refurbished stock earlier this summer. It is an RMA'd LCD3 with the newer drivers and foam damping. I've used it for a few months. I am considering downsizing my home rig.


Note. the display box has some minor damage on one hinge (inside. visible when box is opened and a few nicks when closed. see pics) so I replaced three stripped screws with some small nails. A brand new box is 75 dollars so pricing will take into account the damage on this one. There is zero damage on the headphones or cables.


I would prefer to ship to Canada but will ship to the US if interest is there. Oh, and we could work out a partial trade deal if you happen to have one of the following setups I am looking for:


1. a Koss ESP950 set in very good condition (around $500 in value)

2. a low end or midrange stax setup - 100V is OK, but 110V is preferred (something that would sell for under $700 used)


My price includes tracked shipping to USA/ Canada and paypal. If you are in Canada and can pay via interac e-transfer, you can subtract 50 dollars off the price.

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