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Beyerdyanmic T70

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How powerful of an amp do I need to power these. They are only 280 usd on Amazon (Used Like New). Right now I have a Fiio e6 amp. Willing to spend 50-70 dollars on an amp. Also, how much different is the soundstage on the T70's / Ultrasone 900's. Are the mids that recessed on the 900's. I would get them if the vocals don't sound like are in the other room. I love the beyer sound and for that price I am willing to pull the trigger on them. Music I listen to is lots of Jazz/Piano and Guitar Instrumentals.  I had the AKG 271 and sent them back cause it sounded like the vocals were muffled.



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from my memories they are not that power hungry. Never used the Fiio so I can't really comment about your amp, and neither are the ultrasone's.

the most significant problem with the t70 lies in the high frequencies, where the treble rolls off too early, while their mid is bumped quite an amount that makes them sound a bit colored, though that kind of coloring is nowhere as positive as the way Audio Technica pulls off. Bass is so so, nothing special.

in the end I sold them off after few weeks comparing with my other fones, most of them are ATs. Bought them out of curiosity and regretted quite a bit.

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I actually quite like the T70. I agree that it definitely doesn't have the same high end sparkle as ATs do though.

Both the T70 and T70p are easy to drive.

The T70 will sound better with an good amp, but I've run mine out of both a phone and a Fiio e10 with acceptable results (the problem was more with the low quality of these as sources rather than power).

I'd probably recommend the JDS Cmoy BB as a cheapish amp for them.
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their bass are so-so, but mids and highs are great, very different from the dt 880 990 model.

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Bass will improve a decent amount (from my experience) with different pads, and with more juice from the amp (even given the high sensitivity).

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