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Sony D-515 and ESP

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Hello you audiophile friends!


I just bought a vintage discman, which is consider one of the better units out there. It's the Sony D-515. I already own a Sony D-99, but the laser doesn't keep track all the time. I hope this machine does the job better. The one function that should prevent it from skipping is ESP. In the D-515 this technique was first introduced. It has a memory of 3 secs. 


Now someone here might know this: Does the ESP in this machine compress the data before releasing it? On Wiki I read that this is optional. There are models that don't compress the sound. As far I know the buffered data is ONLY used when nescesarry, but I am not shure about that too.


The reason I have these questions is of course the quality of the sound.I really like to listen to my cd's without any compression or artifacts due to compression. Anyone who knows more about ESP on this particulary device??


Btw: I have not already received the unit, it's on it's way know. I will review it when arrived and used.




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I'd really like to know this too. Can't find any clear answer.

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