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For Sale: [SOLD] Sennheiser HD555

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For Sale:
[SOLD] Sennheiser HD555

Will Ship To: Anywhere



Wow, that was fast.



Having the HD800 for home music, ATH-M50S for gaming + general use and SE535 for portable music, my HD555 no longer has a niche in my audiophile life. It has faithfully served me for slightly less than 2 years, and I'm sure it will continue to serve under a new owner who has a need for it unlike myself.


Overall very good condition since I treat my headphones as if they're a part of my body. The only problem is a small hairline crack on the headband as shown in the fifth photo. Of course, anyone who knows the HD555 knows that this is a problem every HD555 gets after a while. It doesn't affect sound, usage, wearability and certainly won't get any bigger.


The foam mod has been performed so it sounds like a HD595, having the same driver and all. The HD555 is one of the best open headphones you can get for the money, and is certainly offers a great start to anyone's audiophile journey.


I'm asking for $50, $10 shipping anywhere in Australia, and $20 to anywhere else in the World. PayPal fees are included - you don't have to pay any of that. I will package it well because I no longer have the retail box, so you will get it safely without damage. This auction is for the headphones only, and doesn't include any packaging or accessories.

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Enjoy your first open and audiophile grade headphones. You have taken your first step into a utopia for your ears.

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