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Need help finding better headphones

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I badly need a better pair of headphones.  I currently use Bose IE2's, and while I think they sound great, they constantly fall out of my ear whenever I do any athletic activity.  I really only wear them when I'm running or at the gym, and I have to constantly adjust them or put them back in my ear after they fall out, which happens way too much.  I have tried all of the various silicone sizes, and nothing helps.  Not to mention how annoying it is that the silicone pieces are constantly falling off.  So basically, I don't mind the speakers, the sound is exactly what I like, but they are just not compatible with athletic activity.  It could be that my ears are just not compatible with this product, and so I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem, and what they have to done to remedy the situation.  I would really prefer to have IEMs because they easily fit in my pocket, which is very important to me.


The first thing I thought of doing was dropping an insane amount of money on a pair of Ultimate Ears after having an audiologist look at my ear for measurements or however it's done.  I'd rather not spend hundreds, or even a thousand on a pair of headphones, but I would really like to have a pair of headphones that stays in my ear no matter what so I haven't ruled out this possibility.  They have a pair for $400 (UE 4 Pro Custom) plus whatever it costs to have my ear measured by an audiologist.  Is this worth it?  Would I have a pair of amazing headphones that fit perfectly, or are they overpriced?


After doing some reading on this forum, I noticed there was some support for the SoundMagic E30's, as well as the MEElectronics M6, which seem to have an interesting over-ear part that looks like it would solve my problem, but would I be sacrificing quality?  I know most people say that Bose quality is overrated, so maybe what I have now isn't all that great anyway.  I would much rather buy a cheaper pair of headphones than the UEs, but I'm curious what the opinions of this forum are.


Has anyone else had a problem with Bose IE2 constantly falling out of their ear when running or working out, and what did you do to fix this problem?  Thanks in advance.

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Some initial recommendations with portability in mind:


Koss porta pro or some variant of the ultraportable koss phones

Sennheiser PX 200 IIs

Sennheiser PX 100 IIs.



I personally don't recommend IEM's...I've not had great experiences with them in both the fit and the sound. I had a pair of Koss's that were called "Pulse" that had a really great sound, but the fit wasn't secure and they shorted out rather quickly.


I also  used Klipsch image IEMs and I had a problem with them fitting securely, which also made them sound as though there was no bass. When I messed with them, the sound would be great, but I tried everything to make them fit, to no avail.

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Hi, I am new to the forum and dont have the terminology and knowledge to explain my experience. I have Bose On-Ear, Sennheiser PX 100ii and PX 200ii. Obviously Sennheisers are not comparable to Bose but I like using them when running, especially PX 100ii, it fits firmly and never moves a bit. And I like the sound better, I think PX 200ii was a complete waste of money in that sense. PX 100 ii is more on the bass side (when PX 200 is supposed to be more bass). So it would be a good option if you dont want to spend so much. Only downside is the cushion gets wet after heavy sweaty training:D

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I'll  have to disagree with you there...Sennheiser tends to sound better than Bose to me. I don't know if that's what you meant about them not being comparable. My first decent pair of headphones were the Bose on ears (and later the around ear). Once I started using Sennheiser and Koss I never looked back.


For some people I suppose the PX200 IIs don't fit well, but for me, they fit very nicely and don't move.


Sound wise, the PX200II's are supposed to be very neutral and have more detail and accuracy than the PX100's. That said, the PX 100s are more "fun" sounding and are still really nice, but they are very colored and not neutral. The PX 200's weren't supposed to have "more bass" actually, as they are more neutral sounding.

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Sennheiser could be better when prices are about the same range. I havent tried the high end ones though. But out of three of the headphones i own I enjoy Bose the most. They are not comparable in terms of what they are expected to give (again I dont have the terminology)

As for PX 200 being neutral I agree to that. I always assumed frequency range gives the idea about that, I may be wrong. You explained better than me: PX 100 is fun in a good way:)

I myself want to buy a better headphone than Bose in future, thats why I am here. It can be sennheiser or something else but has more to offer than Bose on ear.

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So ok my only contribution here is that PX 100ii fits well and doesnt give problem when running. It is worth trying if you enjoy the sound as well:D

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Thanks for the input guys.  I appreciate and value both of your opinions.  I think though, I prefer to stay with the in-ear headphones as opposed to on-ear, if I can.  I like being able to quickly throw the headphones in my pocket along with mp3 player, keys, etc.


I was hoping that someone having problems with Bose in-ear headphones constantly falling out would have insight as to what the best remedy would be.


Although, if nothing works out, I might as well try the Sennheisers.  I'm sure they're great, I'm just not sure I want on-ear headphones at this time.  Thanks again, though.

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