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full-size headphones for over-size head

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I'm having real trouble finding headphones that meet my requirements. I'm trying to use these for office work, keep the noise out, and keep the music in. I prefer a flat response, but I can always mix the levels myself in software.


Things I've tried:


  • sennheiser-hd-280-pro -- These are my current ones. They just barely fit when extended all the way. I had to take the padding out to prevent them from pressing dents into my head, but as you can imagine it's not super-comfortable without padding. I really like the sound and isolation though, which is the main reason I keep them.
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M50 -- Too small. Returned.

  • Sennheiser HD-280 PRO -- Too small. Returned.

  • Koss UR-20 -- Cheapo headphones at my last job. Wore them for three years and the plastic coating on the ear pads flaked off into my hair and onto my face daily. Finally gave up on them when the right earpiece would only stay on for three minutes at a time.

  • Sony MDR-XD200 -- Cheap headphones I used at home. They fit fine but the sound was kinda crap, and they broke after not much time.


Please, can you recommend something for me?

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I forgot one:


ATH-ANC27 -- Half-size too small. I'm selling them. The noise cancellation feature is cool, but for some reason they pick up a lot of electrical noise (on the wire) from my PC. The battery is also a deal-breaker. I'm certainly going to forget to turn them off at least twice a week. I'd think that there would be noise cancelling 'phones that either gather energy from the sound signal, or have a usb plugin.

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