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For Sale: Bang & Olufsen A8 Price Reduction

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For Sale:
Bang & Olufsen A8 Price Reduction

Will Ship To: Continental United States

Bang & Olufsen A8 for sale. Interested parties please PM me.
Price reduced: $75.00
Price shown is shipped and Paypal'd. Original owner, rarely used. I have a second pair that I am keeping. The pair on sale I bought for my wife and she preferred the Apple buds. So that pair laid around for years, unused. I listened to my pair along with my A161P and RE-272 and feel the A8 can compete right between the two. Here is info others have to say about A8's.
ClieOS has written: I have been a satisfied A8 owner for the last 8 years. A8 sounds better than half decent, but it is on the colder, more analytical side. For a good few years before AT came out with CM700/EC700, A8 was practically the best earbud in the world. Bass light but very airy and detail, great synergy and sound with a warm amp. There is a mod you can do to make A8 thicker sounding.
WiredOO wrote: I've had some A8's for atleast 3 years now and have absolutely thrashed them  they have lasted 3 seasons of snowboarding and gone through at least 4 pairs of the little foam covers. They haven't skipped a beat. I love their sound - very punchy tight bass (but not as deep as IEM's) ...yeah they aren't perfect but they will never fall off/out of your ears even when hitting 15 footers or half pipes.
Thanks for considering these B&O A8's.

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These are now sold. Thanks, David. smile.gif

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