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This DAC + tubed preamp will replace my Antelope Zodiac Gold + Voltikus. The AMR has two DAC chips, a Philips Multi-Bit NOS DAC chip and a 32 Bit HD DAC, the former dedicated to Redbook, the latter especially to highrez material. Love the open, earthy, wooden sound from the DP-777's NOS DAC with the SR-009 + SRM-007t combo. Antelope Zodiac Gold is also a very good DAC + preamp, but together with the highly revealing SR-009 I feel there is a little too much emphasis on details in the top end of the frequency range. Not that SR-009 couldn't handle that top end emphasis, it does very well and so do the Zodiac,  but now and then I found myself demanding a software tube preamp emulation and a software EQ. Now with the AMR DP-777 that's not more necessary anymore.