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Recommendations for beginner DIY kit

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Hi all,


Having lurked around for a while I'm starting to get some more music kit ready to go with me to my dorm. Currently I use SRH440 unamplified when I'm away or through my Marantz PM6004 at home (or just speakers when at home). However I will soon be spending more time at the dorm and will not have the option to take my amp with me. I would like to build a headphones amp and dac. Of course this will not be aimed at the 440s, they don't benefit enough from amplification, I will however be getting a new set of considerably more expensive cans this coming festive season. 


So I am looking for advice on a beginner project guide I can use to build an integrated DAC and Headphones amp (more emphasis on the amp than the dac). When I say beginner, I know quite a lot about electronics, I build a fair few integrated devices that ressemble built-in arduinos. However I have little knowledge of amplifiers other than using very cheap op amps to boost low power robotics pulses. I am therefore looking for an amp project thats not too difficult (don't mind whether it uses valves or not) and costs less than £200 to make. Any reasonably cheap dac projects are also of interest.


Many thanks for any suggestions as I just get overwhelmed by the enormous quantity of resources on this subject out there,


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Not a kit, but plenty of excellent documentation and a large user-base, the Beezar has the Millet Hybrid Max v1.2 which has a slot on the PCB for the Bantam DAC.




The Beezar MiniMax was my first kit and I found it to be quite accessible with all the great documentation online. 

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