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Help needed for Dac/Amp combo

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I am currently using V-Dac and V-Can for home listening. I am looking for a desktop dac/amp unit that is close or on par or maybe better than my current setup for 300$. I will be using one of them in the office. Currently using o/b sound card of my laptop. Even though my headphones are low impedance, both dac and amp quality is important for the sound output. I also don't like too small units. I am thinking of buying:


Matrix M-stage USB ( I'm sure it will be a great amp for the price, not sure about the dac performance)

Matrix Cube ( Moderate dac/amp performance I think)

Audio-gd nbf-15.1


It will mostly be used with Ultrasone Pro 750 and maybe Sennheiser Hd 439. It will be connected to computer via usb so usb performance is also important.


I have searched and read all threads about them. Couldn't find much about Nbf-15. All of them have strong an weak sides. Which one will be the best performer for my situation as a dac/amp combo? I am also open to any other suggestions around my price limit.



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Note I'm just throwing this out there from my own research which I've been reading into for about 5 months now.  I almost went with the Matrix Cube earlier this year, but I really like everything I've heard about NwavGuy's 02 amp and 0DAC, JDSlabs offers them prebuilt in a nice little package for under $300.  I'm pretty sure you can't beat the price/quality.  Again though, I have absolutely no hands on experience with any of these, but it's what I plan on going with and nothing I've read has said there's anything better you can get for that price.

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