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IE7s vs. Westone 2?

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I have some IE7s already and while I love the sound and soundstage, they do not fit me very well. Those stock foam pads are pretty horrible and none of my plastic tips really fit me either.


I was thinking I could try the Westone 2 which get raving reviews, and are right within my budget.


Would they be superior/inferior to the IE7s in terms of sound quality?


Source: Cowon J3 w/ MP3s encoded in V2 VBR using LAME.

Music: anything from acoustic blues to the heaviest metal.



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have you tried them with the big biflanges off ebay?  i had no luck with the 7 untill i found those tips

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The GR07 offers great soundquality (very detailed in mids, highs and deep punchy lowend) with fairly large soundstage and good isolation.

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